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The Network is the heart of ENTOVATION. These are experts with values and vision recognizing that the knowledge movement is a fundamental transformation in the way we work, measure our performance and collaborate as individuals, enterprises and nations of the world.

Our purpose is to leverage the competencies of one another in the spirit of knowledge and innovation. There are many organizations dedicated to knowledge management and learning. There are others focused upon the concepts and methodologies of innovation. And there are more groups with specialties in business strategy, change management and information technology. Few communities include methods and tools to structure the dialogue across all functions, initiatives and strategies in an enterprise. ENTOVATION is the opportunity.

ENTOVATION enjoys historical roots in the movement, as evidenced by the Timeline and geographic scope as evidenced by the Global Knowledge Leadership Map - representing a diagonal slice of the network, including leaders, middle managers and newcomers to the knowledge profession. Furthermore, ENTOVATION has a vision and a research agenda to facilitate the articulation of the modern managerial standards for the 21st century.

Our intent is to evolve with one another a new economic world order based upon knowledge innovation, stakeholder success and international collaboration. Many virtual networks propose to do similarly; and ENTOVATION already has a solid track record of publications, assessments tools a Knowledge Innovation methodology and is integrally connected to industrialized and developing nations of the world.


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