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Scope of the ENTOVATION Network

ENTOVATION has been able to facilitate the leadership of many successful knowledge companies over the past decade. Many of our clients and colleagues represent the leaders in the knowledge community. The virtual international Network now includes thousands of professionals from 61 countries.

ENTOVATION International serves as the hub of a world-wide network of expertise exploring new methods of Knowledge Innovation. The ENTOVATION Network offers a unique combination of benefits:

  • Access to a network of both theorists and practitioners.
  • Worldwide exposure to the most progressive managerial concepts.
  • Systematic assessment with capabilities across the entire innovation spectrum.
  • Universal application across functions, sectors, industries and geographies.
  • Knowledge connections through the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Leadership in major forums and assemblies around the globe.
  • Fundamental understanding of the emerging 'community of practice' - history and vision.

Competencies and Capabilities

In the dynamic competitive environments of the new millennium, ENTOVATION International can help you develop and implement winning strategies, through our in-depth competencies in:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Learning Networks
  • Economic Collaboration
  • Customer Innovation
  • Value-Systems, not Value-Chain
  • Technology Transfer
  • 'Community of Knowledge Practice'
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Strategy Performance


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