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ENTOVATION® Products and Services have been developed with over a decade of research, which includes management systems research in a Fortune 50 company. Numerous clients and case study examples - 100+ at last count - have generated insights as to the most successful modern management practices. Principals, Fellows and Colleagues have accumulated years of expertise in diverse functions, industries and regions of the world.

For the history of ENTOVATION® and a glimpse at our unique strategy consulting model, click here.

The intent of ENTOVATION® is to transfer its methodology to those clients and colleagues motivated by its value. The delivery design includes the introduction to the concepts, an innovation framework and examples of best practice while at the same time tapping into the knowledge of global experts. In this way, the ENTOVATION® Network operates as a worldwide virtual laboratory delivering the highest quality advice at the most reasonable cost. In addition, the experts learn from the knowledge of their constituency to constantly innovate the next generation of management technology.

In addition to participation as part of the ENTOVATION® Network, a diverse range of interaction with ENTOVATION® is available:


Knowledge Economy Leadership Program - Online Executive Seminars
Worldwide virtual coaching in personal and professional skills with world class Virtual Facilitators with: extensive business experience, latest thinking and practices, the finest technical platforms, effective learning practices, dynamic community building and networking.

Innovation Capital Reports
This program is designed as an intensive fact-finding/reporting mechanism for country/region leadership to identify and track critical economic indicators integral to the vitality of a nation’s economy, resulting in a shared vision, common language and leveraged worldwide strategy.
Strategy Consulting
As you develop your knowledge strategy, we can assist in assessing your capabilities, providing examples and linkages to leaders in practice, reviewing existing strategies and positioning the initiative in the organization.
Knowledge Concert
This unique knowledge entertainment provides both an education on the global implications of the knowledge economy and musical harmony. In a worldwide tour of presentations, Debra M. Amidon and Silvard Kool are capturing the imagination of knowledge professionals around the globe.
ENTOVATION® has been a recognized leader in many of the most prominent knowledge conferences. Many have been chaired or catalyzed by ENTOVATION® professionals. In addition, many in-house seminars have been designed to stimulate awareness of the ten Knowledge Innovation® standards and encourage actions for improvement.
Practicums  - Five Interactive Workshops
A Practicum is an intensive, interactive workshop on the practical aspects of implementing knowledge management strategies. It may be delivered over a period of 1 or 2 days, a week-long course and/or a workshop series for periodic awareness or assessment. Five practicums are available and may be delivered individually or in combination. Topics can range from a detailed understanding of the modern management principles to a hands-on analysis of the innovation capacity or customer innovation. All Practicums are customized to suit the needs and aspirations of the client.
Knowledge Innovation Assessment
The Knowledge Innovation® Assessment is a comprehensive dialogue tool designed to elicit the tacit knowledge resident in an organization. It provides for a systematic analysis of the capacity and capability of an organizations to create and move ideas into the marketplace profitably and expeditiously. To examine the Proof-of-Concept, click here"
Knowledge Innovation Development Program
The Kenovation® Assessment designed specifically for Small Business Networks.
Client List
List of past and current ENTOVATION® clients.
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