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Knowledge Concerts

This first Knowledge Concert was presented at the Second International Congress on Knowledge and Innovation, sponsored by McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada (1/20/99).

Debra M. AmidonSilvard Kool

The "Tour de Knowledge Monde" is a unique performance featuring experts from around the world interested in furthering the knowledge agenda of their companies, universities, government organizations and nations.

Launching an International Knowledge Concert Tour, Debra M. Amidon, President of ENTOVATION International, Ltd., provided a featured banquet presentation entitled 'Tour de Knowledge Monde' as part of the annual business conference. Silvard Kool, an international concert pianist known for his original compositions, accompanied the showcase of global knowledge professionals featured on the Global Knowledge Leadership Map.

More information on The Knowledge Concert is provided in our Services section.

Canadian concerts have been sponsored by the Manitoba Quality Awards (Winnipeg) and in the United States at the LBJ Museum (Austin, Texas) and Georgetown University (Washington, DC). "The Tour du Knowledge Monde" was webcast live from the Skandia Futures Center (Vaxholm, Sweden) and most recently "Viaje al Mundo del Conocimiento" was featured at PDVSA (Caracas, Venezuela). Next plans are to bring the tour to Mexico City, Paris and Asia.

For others interested in scheduling a 'Knowledge Concert' in conjunction with a major event in their company, professional organization or national activity, please contact Debra M. Amidon for details.

Tomas Persson, Management Consultant at Ericsson Business Consulting

On July 20th, I was fortunate to be invited to the knowledge concert that Debra Amidon and Silvard Kool performed at Skandia Future Center in Vaxholm, Sweden. The knowledge concert, hosted by Leif Edvinsson, was broadcast over the web. After the concert, I looked back and my impressions of the performance can be summarized in two words; knowledge and entertainment. Mostly, you go to a conference or attend a traditional presentation but this was the first time I listened to a knowledge concert where the knowledge ingredient was combined with music from a concert pianist which ensures stronger communication.

The knowledge factor was one of the main ingredients that Debra Amidon provided with her knowledge innovation concept and the presentation of the "Tour du Knowledge Monde" and the global knowledge leaders and their view of the global knowledge economy. The recipe of combining the knowledge factor with the entertainment via music from Silvard is a positive way of enforcing effective communication and rapid learning.

The new interesting ingredient was the e-factor (entertainment factor) that Debra and Silvard did together with the performance at the stage by adding music to the presentation and the webcast. Accordingly, the music was linked to the origin / nationality of the global knowledge leaders where the tour started in Europe and ended in North America via Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Interestingly, the music was covering different styles from pop to classical music where the idea was to strengthen the message in the knowledge concert. By using all the senses in your medium, you will be more likely to achieve a stronger attraction and communication of the message in the performance.

Maybe in the future, Knowledge Entertainment will increase where you combine learning and entertainment in the knowledge value proposition in order to strengthen the message and achieve faster learning via the e-factor. Joy is important and the more fun you have the better you perform in business, arts, music, theatre, and sports etc. Therefore, it is important to find and include the e-factor in many situations as possible.

Email: tomas.persson@edt.ericsson.se


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