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State-of-the-Future Practicum

Audience Managers who practice the best of modern management concepts and are ready to visualize future business opportunities for sustained growth.
Focus Planning into the future with carefully researched concept mapped trends.
  • Understand how to balance the technology/productivity paradox.
  • Learn about the future trends: established, emerging and over-the-horizon.
  • Assess the implications for your industry, company and function.
  • Comprehend the difference between best practices and standards.
  • Explore creating the future with a global innovation infrastructure.
  • Create the foundation for an on-going articulation of your vision.
  • Content Innovation Paradox
    Economics of Intangible Value
    Contrast of Traditional and Knowledge Management
    Global Knowledge Innovation Infrastructure (GKII)
    Modern Managerial Standards
    Tools 38 Trend Matrix
    Deliverable Shared Vision of the Future
    Resources Collaborative Innovation and the Knowledge Economy
    "Blueprint for 21st Century Innovation"
    "Creating the World Trade of Ideas"
    "The Knowledge Millennium Generation"
    "ENTOVATION 100"

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