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State-of-the-Practice Practicum

Audience Managers who need a more in-depth understanding of the concepts and seek to benchmark against best practices in the field.
Focus Scope of the current concepts, management architectures and initiatives of leaders in the knowledge field.
  • Understand the importance of knowledge and business benefits achievable.
  • Understand the relationship of knowledge to current initiatives (e.g. Quality, BPR et al.).
  • Learn of a variety of survey results documenting the evolution of the movement.
  • Examine facets of the knowledge economy through management framework.
  • Measure your knowledge innovation competence against world-class leaders.
  • Discover examples of best practice in leading U.S.and European organizations.
  • Content Evolution of the Knowledge Movement
    Knowledge Survey Results
    Case Study: Digital vs. Analog
    Knowledge Architecture
  • What constitutes knowledge leadership?
  • What are the new modes of measuring intellectual capital?
  • How do you structure for optimal knowledge performance?
  • What are the value-adding knowledge processes?
  • How do you create a knowledge-sharing culture?
  • How do you leverage knowledge through technology?
  • What are the roles and skills for the knowledge age?
  • Leaders vs. Laggards
    Tools Knowledge Timeline
    Case Study Profiles
    Deliverable Benchmark of Best Practice
    Resources Creating the Knowledge-Based Business
    "The Knowledge Agenda"

    "New Measures for Success"
    "Effective Knowledge-Sharing Teams"

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