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State-of-the-Art Practicum

Audience Executives with an understanding of the knowledge rationale seeking to put the concepts into practice.
Focus Structured dialogue among functional or business unit executives to assess knowledge innovation capabilities.
  • Understand the shift from business planning to innovation strategy.
  • Discover of the core modern management principals.
  • Align functional and business unit or divisional goals.
  • Calibrate your capacity to create ideas and put them into the marketplace.
  • Develop and integrated strategy to improve your innovation cycle-time.
  • Institute a method to structure a knowledge management discussion.
  • Create a systematic innovation implementation plan of action.
  • Content Migration from Business Planning
    5 Core Principles
    10 Dimensions of Innovation
  • How do you manage your process of innovation?
  • How do you measure the intangible value of the process?
  • How do you use education/training capability to incubate new business?
  • Are you operating as a distributed learning network?
  • How do you monitor your competition?
  • How might you innovate new knowledge products and services?
  • How do you manage your strategic alliances?
  • What is your market image?
  • How do you create and leverage your leadership capability?
  • How do you manage your computer and communications capability?
  • Strategy Formulation
    Knowledge Project Plan
    Tools Global Knowledge Leadership Map
    Knowledge Innovation Software
    Deliverable A Knowledge Innovation Strategy
    Resources Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening
    "Innovation: What Every CEO Should Know"
    "Atlas of Knowledge Innovation: Migration from Business Planning"
    "Global Momentum of Knowledge Strategy"

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