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ENTOVATION's Practicums
Five Interactive Workshops

prac-ti-cal: 1. of, relating to, governed by, or acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation, or ideals. 2. Manifested in or involving practice. 3. Actually engaged in some work or occupation. 4. Capable of being used or put into effect. 5. Designed to serve a purpose without elaboration. 6. Concerned with the production or operation of something useful. 7. Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative. 8. Being actually so in almost every respect.

Solid strategy comes from intuition, imagination and practice. Thus, we label each development sessions as a Practicum - an opportunity to put the 'concepts into practice.'

I. Practicum
II. Practice Practicum
III. Art Practicum
IV. Customer Practicum
V. Future Practicum

In the medical profession, it is not enough for one to read material, absorb faculty lectures and take exams. Most important is the aspect of the 'student' practicing the concepts learned in the classroom and experimenting with real-life situations in order to fully appreciate what works and doesn't. Similarly, knowledge professionals are discovering that the concepts of modern management are substantially different from traditional precepts and techniques.

Enterprise leaders have now realized that the focus on knowledge is not a management consulting fad; these shifts are be fundamental. Line item budgets are being allocated, similar to those of the technology budgets a decade ago. However, many executive are now seeking the quick fix, the silver bullet. Many newcomers to the field have now decided that they want a knowledge management program...and they want it 'yesterday.'

Many practitioners consider that anything 'theoretical' or 'conceptual' does not have as much value. Little do they realize that "Yesterday's management theory is today's essential management practice." Tomorrow's standards will be based upon how effectively we are able to put new management theory into practice - thus, the innovation process!

Conference organizers are providing a plethora of opportunities to hear from the authors, leading practitioners, case study examples - success stories and failures. Numerous research and consulting firms have provided large reports and monthly monitoring services to track the trends in this emerging field. Others have been benchmarking organizations as to their knowledge management prowess.

None of this is bad; it is simply not enough. The knowledge profession is evolving as we connect. One need not spend too much time in benchmarking; managing according to what others do is a prescription for mediocrity.

Leaders come and go; programs rise and fall. Most case examples are not good case examples at all - they merely represent one or more aspects of building a knowledge strategy, whether it is from measuring intellectual capital, managing organizational transformation or leveraging ones information technology capability. There are few examples that provide a balance of all three dimensions.

A good knowledge strategy is based upon the values and vision of a given individual, team and/or enterprise. It is not something that can be sold in a box, fixed with a technology tool or learned from another company. It should leverage the history or heritage of an organization and position the unique strengths. It should be a strategy that evolves over time with a solid innovation infrastructure to perpetuate is adaptation to market and environmental changes.

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ENTOVATION will arrange for pricing of each practicum individually and/or in combination with our other services.

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