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Kenovation Assessment Modules
The Ten Modules

The assessment process involves a shared diagnosis of the following ten factors, which are then matched against ENTOVATION's ten "world-class" standards in order to create a viable Knowledge Innovation Strategy.

The Ten Factors are:

Chief Officer Leadership in key cross-boundary processes
Audit/Review The right performance measures for sustained success
Education/Development The shift from training to learning and stakeholder collaboration
Learning Network The vital mechanisms for sharing learning and stakeholder collaboration
Innovation Intelligence The ingredients of a systematic intelligence capability
Products/Services Tools that support the rapid development of value-laden products and services
Alliances/Licenses The translation of know-how assets into market share
Image Campaign Which communications leverages intellectual capital
Leadership/Leverage The multipliers of a firm's knowledge capacity
Information and Communications Technology Use of ITC (and the Internet) to maximize knowledge connections

For each of these factors we have developed diagnostic aids and metrics of "goodness". Our knowledge sharing process helps you develop the processes and institute a systematic approach to their monitoring and continuous improvement.

For a more in-depth overview of these modules, read the book The Ken Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening authored by Debra M. Amidon.

For in depth advice on any particular module there is a network of ENTOVATION Fellows, specialists in their field.



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