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Innovation Capital Reports

General summary The emerging Knowledge Economy affords a new source of wealth-creation based upon intellectual assets, collaborative learning networks and effective infusion of advanced technology. Countries - developing and industrialized nations alike - that are able to calibrate and manage their innovation capacity are likely to maintain their future prosperity and sustainability. This program is designed as an intensive fact-finding/reporting mechanism for country/region leadership to identify and track critical economic indicators integral to the vitality of a nation’s economy, resulting in a shared vision, common language and leveraged worldwide strategy.

New Capital Value Proposition
Knowledge Economics (Intellectual)
Knowledge Structure/Workers (Social)
Knowledge Technology (Technological)

Multiple Economic Levels
Micro - Economic (Enterprise)
Meso - Economic (Between Enterprises)
Macro - Economic (Global Scale)


Recommended Project Plan


To research, capture and promote a picture of the multi-economic level capacity of the nation to compete in the advanced global environment with new innovation indicators conducive to modern era positioning.


An intense nation-wide dialogue about the country’s capacity to innovate. The assessment and dissemination process would include three phases:

  • Phase I Design/Discovery

  • Phase II Development

  • Phase III Deployment

Leading executives from industry, government and academe, local and worldwide ENTOVATION® professionals will participate in various facets from project awareness and leadership training to implementation.


  • To articulate a clear, concise vision for the future direction of the nation.

  • To define the critical success indicators for 21st century sustainability.

  • To energize a critical mass of local, national and regional leadership.

  • To attract foreign investment capital to the country.

  • To monitor results and plans for country positioning on the global stage.


The Team will be comprised of executive managers from inside the nation, interested societal players and leading worldwide knowledge professionals from the ENTOVATION® Network.


An Innovation Blueprint for 21st Century Leadership

  • A world class benchmarking document to position the uniqueness of the nation and a strategy to harness its intellectual wealth and entrepreneurial talent.


Detailed Assessment Description


An executive national dialogue about the in the integral elements of the innovation process resulting in (a) actionable initiatives for world-class innovation strategies; (b) synergy of shared purpose and language; and (c) measure of current competence against world-class business standards.


1. Define a strategic model for building the IC Report for the Nation.

2. Identify strategic local enterprise(s) to assume the leadership role and serve as host organization(s) for the Project.

3. Build a confluence of support for enterprises both inside and external to the country.

4. Support a Leadership Team through all aspects of the Project, including providing intervention content and strategies.

5. Ensure that nation messages are leveraged worldwide.

Strategy Formulation Findings

Findings are recorded in a carefully architected summary that crystallizes the intent of the nation to increase its innovation capacity in a variety of modern economic scenarios, such as entrepreneurial initiatives, science and technology incubation, and programs to reduce societal barriers to progress. Most important, the document - based upon the unique cultural heritage and history - provides a foundation for realizing the economic wealth of the country based upon intellectual, learning and other knowledge technology applications.


$ 50K - $ 5M depending upon scope of the project and involvement of ENTOVATION® Network professionals.

Project Leadership

Debra M. Amidon

President, ENTOVATION® International Ltd.; Acknowledged as a founder and visionary of the knowledge movement; author is several books in the field translated into multiple languages, such as Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy - selected for Business Literacy 2000; hosted the first national conference on managing knowledge and intellectual capital and has guided executives from academe, industry and government worldwide.

Lynne Schneider

President of Enterprise Strategies and Solutions Inc.; Expert in business and military planning, knowledge strategies and wealth creation through business incubation, technology commercialization, partnerships and alliances; author of Enterprise Planning Management Model and Framework.

Kim Wilson

President, Baseline Development Corporation and Director of the Baseline Consulting Alliance, Europe Ltd.; Originator of modern management models, such as Integrated Knowledge Management Solutions and Work-Integrated Learning Solutions.


8000+ persons in 80 countries - See the evolution timeline: http://www.entovation.com/timeline/timeline.htm and sample world knowledge innovation leadership: http://www.entovation.com/kleadmap/index.htm 

Core Competencies

Talent base includes expertise across most functions, industries and sectors of the government operating on all three economic levels and many corners of the globe. Expertise spans coaching/mentoring of start-up operations to large-scale transformation initiatives.


Available upon request.


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