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Dear E100:

We all witness the real impact of knowledge exchange...

Leadership is marked by deeds not words. When progress is measured by the courage to offer in writing one's insights and convictions, the proof of contributions of E100 is evident and seminal. You can see how individual publications have made a difference; but collectively, the etchings of some E100 leaders represent a visible, significant influence.

You have already received notification of the NEW E100 Readings on Knowledge Economics. You should be reflecting (and offering your insights) upon the 3 Laws of Knowledge Dynamics that have been outlined. If you have not yet scanned the contents of this new release, I suggest you do so now!

Even within the last few months alone, I've received notification of:

Ron Dvir
Are You Ready to Disrupt It: An Illustrated Guide to Disruptive Innovation
cover Piero Formica
Industry and Knowledge Clusters: Principles, Practices, Policy
cover Bob Logan
Collaborate to Compete: Driving Profitability in the Knowledge Economy
cover Karl Wiig
People-Focused Knowledge Management: How Effective Decision-Making Leads to Corporate Success
Madan Rao
The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook, Episode IV: Emerging Powerhouses
cover Hubert Saint-Onge and Charles Armstrong
The Conductive Organization: Building Beyond Sustainability
And there are several references, including my own, that have provided some foundations to stretch the vision of what might be possible:
cover Leif Edvinsson
Corporate Longitude: What you need to know to Navigate the Knowledge Economy
cover Verna Allee
Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks
cover Debra M. Amidon
The Innovation SuperHighway: Harnessing Intellectual Capital for Collaborative Advantage

Take a look at the 'Meet the E100 Authors' on the ENTOVATION website to see the array of titles that E100 leaders have written over the past few years. You will find titles from: Allee, Amidon, Asacker, Banerjee, Dawson, Edvinsson, Formica, Gibson, Ishikawa, Kazi, Logan, Malone, Mercier-Laurent, Nonaka, Pasher, Preiss, Rao, Richter, Saint-Onge, Savage, Skyrme, Sveiby, Tatsuno, and Wiig.

Action? Check the listings and make sure that YOUR contribution is represented! To add, we need the hotlink of where the book might be ordered so we can spread the intellectual wealth worldwide.

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"We take words - language - very much for granted, just as we take our eyes, our power of vision for granted. But both are tremendously flexible and with wide-ranging powers" - Language Origins Society 1991





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