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The network continues to grow in substance and scope...

There are 8 new additions to our Global Knowledge Leadership Map - http://www.entovation.com/kleadmap/index.htm. Take a look at their capabilities and aspirations to see how they dovetail with your own.

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Carol Kinsey Goman

Carol Kinsey Goman (Berkeley, CA, USA) is best known for her books (of which there are 9), especially 'Ghost Story: A Modern Business Fable' and 'This Isn't the Company I Joined.' A frequent speaker on the international circuit (we met first in Venezuela - thank you, E100 Olimpia Salas), she has also been featured in the AOK Star Series (thank you, E100 Jerry Ash) and was featured as a cover story in Knowledge Management magazine. Visit the website - http://www.ckg.com/ - to get an understanding of how she helps organizations 'thrive' on change - from individual development to large-scale initiatives.

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Alex and David Bennet

Alex and David Bennet (Marlinton, W. VA, USA) have created an extraordinary retreat nestled in the Allegheny Mountains - The Mountain Quest Institute -  http://www.mountainquestinstitute.com/. Alex is the former co-chair of the Federal KM Working Group and served as the first Chief Knowledge Officer for the Department of the Navy.  She and David have published extensively in the knowledge field, including Organizational Survival in the New World: The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System, complete with toolkits and Their most recent research places passion at the core of knowledge leadership...and they have the evidence to prove it!

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Chris Geary

Christopher Geary (UK/Saudi Arabia) is based in the UK but working now with Integrated Visions Group, a company in Saudi Arabia that has funded Phase I of our Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) Initiative, a partnership with E100 Bryan Davis. Formerly with Digital and then HP, Chris brings a business acumen for complex systems and technology leadership. The company with strategic locations in Malaysia, Egypt and beyond originates as an e-solutions provider - http://www.iv-group.com/company.htm; but with immediate plans is catapulting national, regional and international leadership. 

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Anne Jubert

Anne Jubert (Paris, France) has been an integral part of the team for KnowledgeBoard (now boasting 12K+ members worldwide) since its inception - www.knowledgeboard.com. Viewing knowledge management as a multidisciplinary “science”, Anne is an advocate of people-focused KM to enable the individual to make a societal contribution. She was first discovered via E100 George Por and Edna Pasher in Collaboration 98; and since has been instrumental in a variety pf company information portals, such as NewsBoard at Siemens, as well as European Commission funded projects to promote team-based interaction and communication.

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Chen Jin

Professor Chen Jin is on the faculty of the College of Management of Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China) - http://www.zju.edu.cn/english/. Jin, along with E100 ZhouYing Jin, was responsible for the Chinese edition of The Ken Awakening and he recently released the Chinese version of The Innovation SuperHighway. An author in his own right, his articles provide leadership in innovation, strategic management and knowledge-based enterprises; and he often serves as distinguished researcher and lecturer for other campuses, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Dragana Radovanovic

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragana Radovanovic served under the tutelage of E100 Professor Leif Edvinsson as a graduate student at the University of Lund (Lund, Sweden) where she produced the award-winning thesis – “Intelligence and Lund”. The 2005 KIZ Student Prize was presented in May at the Henley College KM Forum - http://www.entovation.com/whatsnew/KIZ Award Student 2005.ppt for her work that provides a briefing of contemporary and evolving society with an analysis of the knowledge society, innovation and creativity environments, intellectual capital of cities, intelligence for city development and the society of the future.

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Raivo Tamkivi

Raivo Tamkivi serves on the Executive Board of TEHNOPOL - Tallinn Technology Park (Tallinn, Estonia). As one of the 3 architects of the Baltics Dynamics along with E100 Janis Stabulnieks, Raivo has the challenge of hosting the next event to exceed the extraordinary Riga even that convened 460 theorists and practitioners from 35 countries. After 17 years in research (experimental physics), followed by the exciting opportunities afforded independence in 1991, Raivo serves in a variety of leadership positions, including the current leadership of the International Association of Science and Technology Parks (IASP), an organization first introduced to us by E100 Piero Formica.

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Edward DeBono

Dr. Edward DeBono (Dublin, Ireland) was honored in March as the 2005 Ken Practitioner of the Year - http://www.entovation.com/whatsnew/edward_debono.htm. As architect of the Festival of Thinkers - www.festivalofthinkers.com - held recently in Abu Dhabi, Dr. de Bono is the world’s leading authority on conceptual thinking as the driver of organizational innovation, strategic leadership, individual creativity, and problem-solving. Born in Malta, de Bono was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, is an M.D. and Ph.D., and has held appointments at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the University of London, and Harvard University. He has written over 69 books, and his work has been translated into over 42 languages.

Please join me in welcoming these talented people to the ENTOVATION Network,


"Building fluid, productive multi-country networks is the new requirement for cross-boundary knowledge sharing and collaboration."
- Dr. Piero Formica



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