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Dear E100:

Thanks to the talent of our E100 Dr. Oliver Schwabe (Germany), we now have a rather extraordinary portfolio of on-line courses ready for market. Dr. Schwabe currently serves as the ENTOVATION Fellow for Knowledge Products and Services and you can see from the program announcement that other E100 are poised for delivery from anywhere in the world. Take a look at the announcement page - and be sure to click on the course offerings to see the detail of the 8 module design for each course in a downloadable PDF file!

Take a look at some of the offerings!

You may have seen the initial offerings; but several more have been added...and more are coming. Here's a sample...

Debra Amidon

Debra Amidon
Certified Knowledge Innovation Practitioner
Leif Edvinsson

Leif Edvinsson
Introduction to Corporate Longitude

Oliver Schwabe

Oliver Schwabe
Certified Community Moderator

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis
Introduction to Knowledge Pattern Recognition

Karl Wiig Karl Wiig
Introduction to People Focused KM
Piero Formica Piero Formica
Introduction to Knowledge Clusters
Edna Pasher Edna Pasher
Introduction to Innovation Navigation
Savage & Sundrum Savage & Sundrum
Introduction to Cultural Due Diligence
Karl-Erik Sveiby Karl-Erik Sveiby
Certified Intangible Assets Auditing and Controlling
David Skyrme David Skyrme
K-commerce: Commercializing Knowledge
Verna Allee Verna Allee
Certified ValueNet Works™ Practitioner
Xenia Stanford Xenia Stanford
Introduction to Knowledge Mapping
John Maloney John Maloney
Collaborative Knowledge Networks Certification
Ron Dvir Ron Dvir
Innovation Engines
F. Javier Carrillo F. Javier Carrillo
Doug Macnamara Doug Macnamara
Board Governance

Quality Yields Results

In the past year alone, several Gyroscope-based courses have been delivered to diverse audiences and with significant results:

  1. Training for 40 PwC partners with the ValueNet Works™ methodology.

  2. Training for 5 internal consultants at the Costa Rican Telco ICE.

  3. Coaching of the strategy principle at a Dutch software company, including application of the KIAS software.

  4. Coaching of the knowledge manager at the Australian Red Cross Blood Donor Association.

  5. Coaching of two KM principles at a US West Coast office furniture design company.

  6. Integration of E10 course approaches in a university Master of Education capstone program.

  7. Coaching of the manager director of a new IC certification company in the principles of IC auditing - establishing of a standard to conform to DIN ISO, the Danish Guidelines and the EU MERITUM Guidelines.

  8. Several principle coachings based upon the Hall-Tonna Values Inventory based upon the Cultural Due Diligence offering.

The Gyroscope is being marketed actively online, via KM Magazine under the working title "Knowledge Economy Leadership Program", via Omnicom in the UK as part of a face-to-face offering and via EMA International in Dubai. There are further negotiations being finalized to integrate key courses from a online university Master´s program into the Gyroscope as a general educational offering. And all this is only the beginning.
Treasured Value!
Most of you should also have received the Eurofocus Newsflash.
You can see that he has recently added a NEW feature of the Treasure Chest - where you can get a copy of the Knowledge Innovation® Software FREE that was originally developed by Larry Todd Wilson, and packaged and marketed by KonvergeandKnow. It is based upon the book - Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening that was selected for Business Literacy 2000! FURTHER, you can also receive FREE a copy of E100 Karl-Erik Sveiby's "TangoNet version 1.6" - the award winning simulation of how to run a knowledge based business - again FREE of charge!

And so, how might you fit in?

First, as an E100, you can make a hotlink to these programs on your own website...even the homepage. You may even have an opportunity to earn some money on referrals that come via your site.

Second, think of ways that your own network or constituencies might benefit for this on-line course selection. The principals involved are some of the finest in the world on these topics and guaranteed to put students in some of the most dynamic, timely discussions on topics of significant relevance.

Third, you may have some content of your own and publications worth course design. To assess opportunities, contact Dr. Oliver Schwabe directly - oliver.schwabe@euro-focus.com.

And so, enjoy your exploration. Share your insights and findings with others. Let us grow the opportunities together...and learn from leaders around the world. Keep us apprised of your progress!


Definition: gy٠ro٠scope - n. a wheel mounting in a ring so that its axis is free to turn in any direction; when the wheel is spun rapidly, it will keep its original plane of rotation no matter which way the ring is turned: gyroscopes are used in gyrocompasses and to keep moving ships, airplanes, etc. level. gyroscopic (adj.), gyroscopically (adv.)

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