[E100 Barcelona Alert #1]
- PRELIMINARY Invitation to the 4th E100 Roundtable and More...

Dear E100:

You may have missed New York...or Helsinki. You may even have missed Monterrey. You will NOT want to miss Barcelona! Please read what follows VERY carefully!
You have seen the recent E100 Alerts concerning the Forum 2004 Mayors conference, the Global IC Indicators, and the plans for the Knowledge City Observatory (KCO).  It has been a while in the works; but hopefully you have already reserved these CRITICAL dates - November 13-17, 2004!

I know that it is early in the game, but we have preliminary confirmations: Angel ARBONIES (SPAIN); Debra M. AMIDON (USA); Yvonne BUMA (The Netherlands); F. Javier CARRILLO (Mexico); Bryan DAVIS (Canada); Ron DVIR (Israel); Leif EDVINSSON (Sweden); Piero FORMICA (Italy); Karmen JELCIC (Croatia); Gulgun KAYAKUTLU (Turkey); Doug MACNAMARA (Canada); Eunika MERCIER-LAURENT (France); Edna PASHER (Israel); Ante PULIC (Austria); Lynne SCHNEIDER (USA); Oliver SCHWABE (Germany).

In fact, as in previous E100 Roundtables, there is NO additional cost for E100 participation in the OPEN session scheduled for September 6th! But there MAY be a great opportunity to also be active in the Knowledge Cities Observatory (KCO) that will be founded on the 7th and 8th if you are able to interest a delegation of leadership from your local city and/or cities in your region who have chartered within their vision to become a Knowledge City. In our research, we are now tracking 120+ such initiatives worldwide, with additions being made daily. This could be a chance for YOU to illustrate your own global leadership by introducing them to the opportunity!!!

With the Event Pre-Announcement (viewable here), you can see some of the significant progress made in the last few years and the opportunity now to network in ways that could provide the international leverage we have all been seeking. This will be no ordinary event. Highlights of the Barcelona plans include:

  1. We are part of a major multi-month Forum 2004 - http://www.barcelona2004.org/eng/
  2. We are in partnership with:
  3. We will release the preliminary findings of the study - In the Knowledge Zone - in partnership with Brian Davis, The Kaieteur Institute (Canada).
  4. We will provide for the international launch of the first E100 Readings on Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practice and Policies - co-edited by Piero Formica (Italy) and Eunika Mercier-Laurent (France), cover design by Ron Dvir (Israel) and published by Tartu University Press (Estonia) with 31 leading authors from the ENTOVATION Network representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  5. The ENTOVATION Group/Alliance (EG/A) - http://www.entovation.com/group-alliance/ - will hold their first international business meeting under the leadership of F. Javier Carrillo (Mexico).
  6. We will premier the ENTOVATION Gyroscope developed in partnership with Oliver Schwabe, Eurofocus International (Germany) - now 20 on-line courses and growing - http://www.entovation.com/gyroscope/seminar.htm!
  7. We will launch the Knowledge Cities Observatory (KCO) under the leadership of Angel Arbonies, MIK (Spain).

This is where YOU come in…

There will be more detailed announcements of all of these items (above) as we get closer to the dates; so stay tuned! In the meantime, benefits of participation include your own opportunity to discover the talents of one another. But it is also an invitation to include your own city leadership - whether from urban or rural locations - in a collaborative innovation series of events...unprecedented.

  1. Gain a rapid introduction to the knowledge city idea, the newest and hottest emerging dimension of the knowledge-based economy, and to an important and valuable new market-space in the making.
  2. Help co-create intellectual capital guideposts for intelligently planning, navigating, evaluating, and making decisions in relation to the development and actualization of a high-performance knowledge city.
  3. Obtain fresh insights into fundamental strategies, principles, standards, and best practices which can be used to guide the development of a city or a cluster or a region, a nation, or even a virtual knowledge city network.

For now, PLEASE let me know YOUR own intentions to attend as soon as possible and what city leadership you might be able to engage.

Happy Entovating...

P.S. The official hotel for these events is Front Maritime - AC Hotels, Pº García Faria, 69; 08019 Barcelona. http://www.ac-hoteles.com/index.htm. Reservations to be made through Javier Pino, Carlson Wagonlit Travel ++34.944.52.03.02; Discount Code: ENTOVATION Group/Alliance (EG/A).

"...the highest intellectual activity in collective work
is to provide new spaces to accommodate perspectives,
insights, and finally common meaning."
- DeBono and Kelley

Debra M. Amidon
Founder and CEO
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"Innovating our future...together."

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