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KnowledgeBoard Book-of-the-Month (16 June 2005)

“I invite the readers of the book, children and adults alike –
who may need to renew youth experiences -
to enjoy the journey, the colours, the adventures, and the surprises.
I think that that this book will inspire

and provide courage and even comfort to all dreamers.
Welcome to your personal search for innovation."
- Leif Edvinsson


Dear E100:

At long last, the children’s book has come alive!

YOU have been the inspiration – the stories we have shared of your own journey innovating your part of the world. Some of these have been captured in our Global Knowledge Primer; but most of them have influenced my own understanding of the ups and downs of the innovation process.This elegantly illustrated book is designed to unleash the exploration process in us all...affirming the need for persistence, self-confidence and collaboration. In essence, it is YOUR story! 

Similar to The Innovation SuperHighway, the book has been selected as the Book-of-the-Month for June! Now we have a chance to share our experience and observations, so JOIN the dialogue:

Date: June 16th, 2005
Time: 14:00 BST, 15:00 CET, 09:00 USA East Time.
Location: KnowledgeBoard

Of the people you have known, or those about whom you have only read, what are those characteristics that lend them to become considered innovators? Is it the spark…the charisma…the follow through - the ability to influence others to garner resources? Or simply stated: Innovators make extraordinary things happen. We plan to reflect upon others who have been recognized as innovators:

Among LEADERS and REVOLUTIONARIES: Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, and Martin Luther King. There are ARTISTS and ENTERTAINERS: The Beatles, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey. Consider the BUILDERS and the TITANS: The wonderful world of Walt Disney, Henry Ford and Richard Branson. Included would be SCIENTISTS and THINKERS: Albert Einstein, Rachel Carson, and Benjamin Franklin. And how about HEROES and ICONS: Ann Frank, Charles Lindbergh and Pelé. Who are YOUR favorites and what made THEM successful?

E100 PHOTO Gallery: Now, let’s think about our children and the world we would like them to inherit! We all have priceless photos of our children, relatives and friend. Most of us have also captured glimpses of children in our international travels. We have begun an E100 Gallery to post our favorites on the ENTOVATION website. Send me those you would like to share with others...

ILLUSTRATIONS: E100 Ron Dvir (Israel) has been the knowledge Visualizer for this project and his dad, Arye Dvir created the illustrations. The world is now our manageable landscape with connections made East-to-West, North-to-South. Our future depends upon the degree of shared insight, interaction and imagination resident in the minds, hearts and hands of people around the globe. These graphics were designed to capture the history of art and represent diverse backgrounds, ages, periods and nations. The childlike calligraphy is intended to illustrate the atmosphere – in imagery and meaning – that captures the magic of seeing good ideas realized.   

FOREWORD: This book was written outside the Stockholm train station awaiting Leif Edvinsson (Sweden) who has provided the Foreword for the book. He writes, “Where do we find the pioneers and innovators of tomorrow? Who might we consider the guardians of our future? Most of them are actually still very young. If they were to climb upon the shoulders of current leadership, they might reach out quicker, broader and with more impact. Most of all, they will get a better perspective and outsight into the opportunities ahead. This book is an invitation to a collaborative work to turn the Future into an Asset. Children already have dreams waiting to be visualized or given shape. They need our nurturing.” Read more...


Dedicated to the youth of the world...upon whom our future depends.’
This set of musical compositions to accompany the book - In Search of Innovation - was performed in ‘freeflow’ by E100 Silvard, an international recording artist, on October 25, 2004, at Wellspring Studio, Action, MA USA. There are 4 tracks to be used in leadership development programs:

Track I Introduction to innovating

Track 2 The innovation story

Track 3 Innovators from around the world

Track 4 The Globe as a Network

Innovators come from around the world – every walk of life…loaded with insights, intuition and inspiration. They interact with one another to learn how to innovate their enterprises and nations. They have lived the ups and down of the innovation process. They touch - and are touched by – others in ways that build a more sustainable future. They are all In Search of Innovation…

REVIEW: E100 Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi, originally from Pakistan and now in Finland, has prepared an appraisal of the children’s book and CD. Kazi writes, “This book brings us back to the grass roots of innovation. Through its extreme simplicity, bright colours, and vivid illustrations, it conveys a clear message that several 100s of pages may not be able to do. The message conveys how through collaboration, an idea can be nourished and nurtured to yield innovation that will help transform the way we see and do things in the future.” Read more...

PUBLISHER: “The fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one big thing." - Archilochus - 7th-century BC 

E100 Piero Formica, now on the distinguished university faculty of four universities (Bologna, Tartu, Abu Dhabi Men’s College and Beijing) and a reputable author in his own right, has launched a publishing house for books on the Knowledge Economy – Effe Elle Editori srl. For order information, you can click on the site - http://www.knowledgeeconomy.it/books.htm. It is also possible to have different language versions of the text with the same illustrations and we are able to provide customized versions for certain companies, industries or special interest groups, so let us know your interests!

And so, the ONE, BIG thing for the Knowledge Economy is INNOVATION - putting knowledge into action – which requires dynamic interaction with others. For children or leadership executives, the discovery process can be both exiting and frustrating - the simultaneous delight of acceptance and the agony of rejection.

Following the flow of an idea through completion, though, is the essence of progress, sustainability and true economic wealth. In the knowledge economy, we are dependant upon the realization of good ideas…and on a global scale.

And so, my hope is that this book will catalyze and cross-fertilize our collective insight on how we might innovate our future...together.

Continuing the journey...Join us on the 16th!




'In Search of Innovation'
- A Book for Children and Leadership Executives

by Debra M. Amidon
Illustrations by Ron and Arye Dvir

ISBN: 88-89460-06-7

































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"Innovating our future...together."

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