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All roads lead to Rome...and there are now a lot of people talking about Knowledge Leadership.

Of course, the Global Knowledge Leadership Map itself (initially crafted in 1999), is an illustration of dedicated knowledge and innovation professionals - a diagonal slice of our ENTOVATION Network. Our Gyroscope of courses provides another example of exemplar and real-time Knowledge Leadership Program with unparalleled depth and scope. And our new initiative, The Knowledge Zone illustrates the magnitude of transformation in which we all have a role to play.

But it is really the stories - and spheres of influence - resident within the leadership of our colleagues that make things happen.

KM Magazine this month is featuring our own E100 Jerry Ash, founder of the Association of Knowledgework (AOK). The description reads:

"The Association of Knowledgework, incorporating the esteemed Star Series Dialogues, is the brainchild of one man. On the verge of an exciting partnership with Ark Group, Jerry Ash considers the highlights of his career and talks to Rebecca Cavalôt about his baptism into KM and a future 'new order', where individual intellectual activity and technology will unite."

You can find his story already posted in our PressRoom for July 26.

Thinking about the visibility of some of our superstars who have been similarly recognized, I though it appropriate to provide a listing which at-a-glance illustrates the array of network expertise and aspiration:

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September 2002 - Karl-Erik Sveiby

"We have to rethink our whole approach to business. Conceptual tools acquired early in my career were useless. In a business practical knowledge is much more important than theoretical knowledge; and practical knowledge is - to very large extent - tacit. Managers must adopt a 'knowledge perspective' and to see their firms as having 'invisible balance sheets,' of intangible assets with flows of knowledge in between."

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October 2002 - Karl Wiig

"There is not an economic theory of knowledge. We need to understand what comprehensive and systematic KM can mean and what role it can play n the modern organization. People's mental machinery - their intelligence and attitude - is a greater resource than what they know and understand. In spite of all present limitations, KM is already very useful - even when it is narrow in scope. The playing field is quite level. Most everyone is a beginner!"

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March 2003 - Leif Edvinsson

"We're building something new...not visible in traditional accounting systems. Knowledge Management is not about tools, but why we have the tools. It's about the roots. We need a new map and navigation system for sustainable earnings. Knowledge has become the key source of value-creation and wealth - not only at an organizational, but also national level. It is a challenge not to be prisoners of vertical thinking, called bottom-line syndrome."

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August 2003 - Verna Allee

"No significant change can happen without first having a shift of mind - by starting to think differently...a combination interest in complex systems and collective intelligence. Groups of people with a passion for social and environmental good are finding each other, accelerating knowledge sharing through the Internet, and coming together in global and local network organizations that are working for positive change for society."

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February 2004 - Hubert Saint-Onge

"Comprehensive knowledge strategy encompassing - in parallel - the explicit and tacit dimensions of knowledge. Knowledge can only be generated in highly collaborative relationships. We need to work with people from 'where they are' instead of from where we want them to be. How do we foster values-based leadership?"

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July 2004 - Jerry Ash

"Associations have always been in the knowledge business, but they have not had the tools or strategies for managing that knowledge which has been produced in the private sector. We await the maturing of the KM profession...advocacy... and support for the interdisciplinary profession of knowledge work. KM is so 'different' than what we were trained for. The knowledge economy is organic - it is a natural phenomenon driven by the human environment."

These are the leaders who have been featured in KM Magazine. Every one of you, however, has a plethora of leadership experiences; and for me, it has been a privilege to be aligned with each one of you.

Let us know your stories...


P.S. For the description of the ENTOVATION Holonomy, visit - http://www.entovation.com/entovatn/entnet.htm.

""Many mornings I wake up with a cold gray stone of fear in my solar plexus - fear that I really do matter...It says that not only can I make a difference, but I am the difference."
- The Aquarian Conspiracy



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