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Dear E100:

It was inevitable - just a matter of time...

Knowledge Zones are emerging rapidly as the next step in the quest for sustainable growth and economic development for cities, regions, countries, and even corporations and global virtual organizations. As the knowledge-based economy expands, stakeholders are finding this to be an appealing transformational pathway to a prosperous, diversified, and abundant future. Knowledge cities, for example, when developed intelligently and in harmony with the natural environment, have the potential to provide for the well being of stakeholders, bringing prosperity, safety, and a high quality of life for citizens. There is a near-term opportunity for leadership executives to learn from the progress to-date, and to strategically position themselves and their constituents to play an active role in leveraging knowledge, intellectual capital, and creativity, for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

This is the official announcement of the launch of the new website 'In the Knowledge Zone' - a joint endeavor between ENTOVATION International Ltd. and the Kaieteur Institute of Knowledge Management. Since 1998, Bryan Davis and I have been tracking initiatives around the globe and we now invite you to participate.

Definition of the Knowledge Zone:

Knowledge Zone: "A geographic region, product/service/industry segment or community of practice in which knowledge flows from the point of origin to the point of need or opportunity."

We have been analyzing the state-of-the-art realities, context, and conditions with emerging Knowledge Zones today. We have examined the history and international evolution of the new thinking, and provided a comparative inventory of current initiatives. Our intent is to accelerate awareness and provide a basis for prototyping on how knowledge zones can be used to create extraordinary value, enduring and sustainable prosperity.

Our Knowledge Cities Manifesto

The Knowledge City idea is the newest and hottest emerging dimension of the knowledge-based economy. In the knowledge economy, human development depends not on having more but by being more - becoming a co-creator of the future of humanity.

Not since the historical Greek Polis, has a new urban formation been so prospective for democracy, as is the emerging Knowledge City. If the means of production now truly reside in the minds of the producers then there will spread more equality of opportunity, since anyone can have a great idea. The Knowledge City is the culmination and synthesis of the "creative city", the "science city" and the "digital city" where arts and sciences become unified in a uniquely human twenty-first Century urban ecology powered by advances in technological communication. Read more...

Enter the Knowledge Zone

You are featured on the Global Knowledge Leadership Map. Now, we have created a Global Knowledge Zone Map providing hotlinks to these initiatives worldwide. If you have not already, you might want to click and register!

There you will find:

  • The Global Knowledge Zone Map
  • The Rationale for the Evolution
  • The 10 Principles for Knowledge Cities
  • Plans for the Barcelona Roundtable - 13-17 November 2004
  • A suggested Knowledge Cities Reading list
  • Some Comparative Rankings
  • The new book on Knowledge Economics
  • And more...much more!

Proposal for Further Development

Some of you have been involved in the early discussions; others may be interested in participating to achieve our objectives.

Our collaborative intent is to:
  • Provide a rapid introduction to a new emerging dimension of the knowledge-based economy, and to an important and valuable new market-space in the making.
  • Provide intellectual capital guideposts for intelligently navigating, evaluating, and making decisions in relation to the developing knowledge city universe.
  • Provide the business strategist with a powerful array of new conceptual tools, a working taxonomy, and an integrated strategy for properly assessing the potential upside and any downside of various practices and approaches.
  • Provide insight into fundamental principles and standards which can be used to guide the development of a city or a cluster or a region, a nation, a virtual knowledge network, or even a large knowledge-driven enterprise - a veritable 'company of citizens'.
  • Raise the value-creation bar on the current level of thinking about knowledge zones through experimentation and prototyping to illustrate the potential for modern knowledge-based innovation with new venturing that far exceed the limited initiatives we have documented so far.

Dovetailing with the Knowledge Cities Observatory (KCO)

You have already received several notifications about the plans of the ENTOVATION Group/Alliance (EG/A) to launch the KCO with the forthcoming E100 Roundtable in Barcelona. The intention of the Knowledge City Observatory is to bring together the cutting edge cities that want to win competitive advantage by pioneering a new environment for their citizens.

The ultimate aim of the observatory is to increase the innovation capacity and performance of cities based on a new set of knowledge policy drivers by creating an active community of knowledge sensitive cities or regions, which will learn from each other. This observatory will provide short-term insights and recipes as well as longer term observations. The observatory will be launched in Barcelona, with experts from the ENTOVATION network and founding cities. Read more...
And there are 4 Dialogue themes already developed: Thread I: City Innovation SuperHighway; Thread II: The Capital Cities Framework; Thread III Community Building Indicators; and Thread VI: Urban and Regional Innovation Engines. Read more...

Evolving plans for EN2Polis

How does a virtual network become a sustainable global enterprise? Members of the E100 met originally in Helsinki to identify possible projects of common interest and develop the foundation for building a knowledge city - a marketspace where collaborative research might be performed, interaction harnessed across national borders and even ways to approach the new virtual knowledge markets with collective expertise. There was considerable discussion on several themes, such as knowledge clusters, knowledge incubation accelerators, knowledge tourism, the role of SME's, knowledge leadership as it relates to (re) constructing countries and cultures suffering recent trauma, knowledge markets and the role of learning at all educational levels. If you haven't visited the graphic of EN2Polis, I suggest you do so. Soon many of these plans will begin to take shape!

Suggested E100 Actions:
(1) REGISTER and scan the material - especially the Global Knowledge Zone Map for YOUR own cities/regions/countries. If there are initiatives worthy of note, let us know by completing the nomination form. Let us also know if you have ideas for interested sponsors.

(2) EXPLORE participating in the E100 Roundtable bringing some of YOUR own city representatives! If you do, your own fees will be waived. Note the NEW dates and make your hotel reservations according to previous instructions.

(3) Do not forget to RESERVE your copies of the new E100 Readings entitled 'Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies' at the amazing pre-publication price of only 20 /package (or $25) plus shipping for 900+ pages by completing the reservation form.

More surprises are forthcoming; so do stay tuned to our collaborative progress.

Always in your Network,

"A new economic world order based upon knowledge, innovation, value-systems, stakeholder success and international collaboration."
- E100 Vision, 1999

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