[E100 Alert] Whirlwind of E100 Activities into 2005...

Dear E100:

As we reflect on the damage inflicted by the Tsunami - the devastation of thousands and millions of others whose lives changed forever, I have been trying to consider what might be the positive equivalent. It could be the new spirit of the Knowledge Economy that finds more value in collaboration than the capitalist competitive ethic. It could be that realization that we all have a role to play as individuals and we are limited only by our imagination and initiative to act. It could be that our common understanding in the depths of pain and sorrow, we find new ways to interact with one another – all in the name of sustainable innovation. It could be that tragedy will transcend to triumph as we promote a solid foundation for progress. These are my hopes for 2005.

Now is a time for gaining perspective...on our careers and our profession. With each accomplishment, new initiative, research finding, articles, publication and interaction, we are sending positive waves around the world. If you are still searching for an arena to make your own contribution visible, please contact me directly. And for those of you interested in furthering the knowledge innovation cause, I’d like to hear from you too.

Meanwhile, assuming that many of you have not made contact since our publication of the 75th edition of I3 Update/ENTOVATION News, I thought this was a good time to share some of our collective progress, which has certainly been significant. All of what follows has been prepared as an executive briefing with a concise set of clickable links for you to discover relevant practices and competence within the Network.

I. Global Knowledge Leadership Map:
It is probable that many have been added since you last checked the Map, so visit and do click on the stars. You will now find 140 theorists and practitioners from 50+ countries. Our Network, of course, includes representation for 100+ nations, but this diagonal sample indicates people and projects worthy of note. You may also be interested in some of the new Fellows and ENTOVATION Advisors if you haven’t checked recently. You might even be surprised to see some of the Ken Practitioner Award winners, such as Admiral Bobby Inman, Thomas F. Malone and most recently, Leif Edvinsson.
II. Books/Articles: 
We have taken the initiative to publicly share the E100 Alerts beyond the ENTOVATION 100 Network and all can be found on the website. Again, you might be surprised at some of the relevant topics covered, including new innovation studies, KnowledgeBoard feature presentations, electronic dialogues and more. You can also now check the newest listings and find a section outlining all the books authored by E100 members so you can see at-a-glance the wealth of topical areas and parts of the world well covered.

After ‘Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening’, several other books were published, including ‘Creating the Knowledge –Based Business’, ‘Collaborative Innovation and the Knowledge Economy’ and the most recent, 'The Innovation SuperHighway' which has just been released in Danish with a Foreword by Lars Kolind (Denmark) and Chinese thanks to Chen Jin (China), complete with a Study Guide. You can also still find free editions of The Global Knowledge Primer on line as well as ‘What’s New’ articles of selected travels. 

Perhaps some of the best is yet to come! 27 authors from 17 nations have contributed to a 3-volume collection soon to be released by Tartu University Press on Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies’ co-edited with Piero Formica
(Italy), Eunika Mercier-Laurent (France) and Xenia Stanford (Canada). You can find some preliminary information and pre-publication reservation forms and the 3 Laws of Knowledge Dynamics. This is our step forward toward a Bretton Woods of the Knowledge Economy; and we believe many of our Network pursues similar paths.

Youth of the world has been our focus since we began to analyze the Knowledge Millennium Generation. Now, we have prepared a soon to be released publication for children and leadership executives entitled, ‘In Search of Innovation’ with illustrations by Ron and Arye Dvir (Israel) and a Foreword by Leif Edvinsson (Sweden). This simple story of the ups and down of the innovation process – available in an audio narrated CD version - is illustrative of how we can energize our innovation instincts as individuals, nations and society-as-a-whole.

III. The ENTOVATION Gyroscope:
We have provided an initial array of the on-line courses provided as part of a Gyroscope of leadership training architected by Oliver Schwabe (Germany). Even since the original announcements, several courses have been added for Collaborative Strategies, Ken Practitioner, Innovation SuperHighway and Knowledge Economics...with more to come!
Take the time to visit the site specifically and download those courses of primary interest; and note that all are now aligned to the ten dimensions of knowledge innovation strategy. Already, you will find some of the leading thinking on knowledge mapping, intellectual capital indicators, knowledge clustering, knowledge leadership and more. Do take the time to listen to the audio rationale provided on the Eurofocus site. Stay tuned also for the Proof-of-Value forthcoming announcements. I do not believe that you will be disappointed!
IV. Feature of Fall Activities:
The Fall represented an extraordinary array of activities and progress by several E100. You can find most of the activities, books, awards and other related items of interest in the ENTOVATION PressRoom. There have been several among our Network featured as cover stories; others have chaired major national and transnational conferences on topics of interest. 

One of the most significant events was the Baltics Dynamics conference hosted by Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia). Take a look at the video ‘Welcome to my Country’ and know that this is the pride that is awakening around the world with the renewed focus on knowledge and innovation. His conference alone brought together 460 people from 35 countries. The next conference is planned for Estonia, interestingly enough the same country responsible for the publication of the E100 book on Knowledge Economics! You can find my own CORDIS interview where I called for the leadership – not competitive advantage – of the European Union. It is only a matter of time...

Many E100 convened for KMEurope2004 in Amsterdam, for which several E100 provided keynotes, such as Leif Edvinsson (Sweden), Karl Wiig (USA) and Karl-Eric Sveiby (Australia) as well as an extraordinary dinner event hosted by Yvonne Buma (The Netherlands) and Tomasz Rudolf (Poland). In addition, attendees came from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Finland, USA, Germany et al.

Many of the E100 convened in Barcelona in conjunction within Forum 2004. If you haven’t made time to scan the 6 month dialogue, I urge you to do so now and find the connections with your own work. You can find  copy of my presentation on the 'Prosperity Paradox' delivered at the Roundtable. This Forum is now headed for Monterrey, Mexico – where we held the previous E100 Roundtable on Knowledge Cities, Region and World. We were privilege to catch up with many E100 from France, Spain, Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, France, Denmark, Finland, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, and new members from Saudi Arabia. The next Roundtable itself is likely to return to the United States to capitalize on the efforts in Boston and with the new National Innovation Initiative to help influence a more collaborative agenda.

V. The Knowledge Innovation Zone:
The most recent and comprehensive activity has focused upon Knowledge Innovation Zones. If you haven’t already, you might want to visit the site where we have created a NEW KIZ Map of 100+ initiatives from around the world. You will find examples of building knowledge cities, regions, harbors, corridors and more. You will realize that the agenda is exploding in transitional and developing nations – perhaps even more than industrialized nations! You will find comparative ranking studies, and recent articles, including one I co-authored with Bryan Davis (Canada).

Knowledge Innovation Zones have emerged worldwide to facilitate movement of ideas from origin to the point of highest value. These initiatives provide unprecedented opportunities for stakeholder citizens. The new site provides an update on the work-to-date, including trends, fundamental principles, examples of current practice and future direction. We find variations on this theme in KIZ, in the plans from urban cities such as Barcelona, Melbourne, Montreal, and Manchester to the rural or aboriginal communities of Desert Knowledge Australia. There is a desire to create thriving hubs of interaction that are smart, connected, highly educated, creative, livable, safe, healthy, and attractive to talented people and to investors. Leaders are learning; followers are slowly awakening to the prospects. Further, since a KIZ can be applied to a corporation or industry, we have been advising companies on knowledge economy strategies, such as a case study by Novo Nordisk on stakeholder innovation which was published in KM magazine. Perhaps our E100 Hanne Schou-Rode (Denmark) can provide you with more information.

You will be happy to know that we have our Platinum sponsor and are now seeking other prototype regions from different parts of the world. Perhaps you have some ideas yourself? Our research report will be published in June, 2005; so place the date on your calendars. We have also provided the 1st annual award to Dragana Radovanovic (Sweden) for her graduate thesis “Intelligence and Lund”. Soon we will announce the Call for Papers for the 2006 competition. Stay tuned...

Now, you can consider this an advertising message (which it is not intended to be) or a sampling of activity of your peers – many from different parts of the world who are all creating positive waves of action. Learn from them...connect with them...let us know your progress and how it dovetails with the values of vision of the ENTOVATION Network. We are eager to hear your voice!

Blessings for your own prosperous 2005...


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