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Dear E100:

Perhaps there is no aspect in the Knowledge Economy that has undergone more dialogue and transformation than measuring performance.

As many of you know, several individuals have been selected to participate as E100 because of the leadership they have shown in the new arena that takes the form of Intellectual Capital, Intangible Value, Knowledge Assets, Sustainability Indicators and more. Even the new E100 publication is entitled 'Knowledge Economics, Principles, Practices and Policies' - http://www.entovation.com/coming-soon.htm, the manuscript for which is in the hands of the Tartu University Press and scheduled for release in a few months...certainly in time for the Barcelona Roundtable.

Karl Erik Sveiby (Australia) initially led the way with his publication of the 'Know-How company', followed by the development of Tango simulation. Leif Edvinsson (Sweden) - notably the first VP of Intellectual Capital and architect of the first corporate IC report and the first national IC Report for a nation, followed close behind - putting these concepts into practice. Lars Kolind (Denmark) and Edna Pasher (Israel) were toiling similarly with their country IC reporting while Charles Goldfinger (Belgium) was working the OECD agenda; and Baruch Lev (USA) was producing the seminal Brookings Institute report and feature articles with his knowledge assets formula in CFO magazine. Ante Pulic (Croatia) and Karmen Jelcic, working first with the Austrian Research Center, produced the first IC Pioneers conference in Slovenia followed by the release of their Value-Added analysis of Croatia from the municipal, regional and national levels. All along, McMaster conferences, under the leadership of Chris Bart (Canada) and then Nick Bontis (Canada) were holding their now infamous annual McMaster conferences and Nick produced with the United Nations, the National Intellectual Capital Index - the first to create causal loop diagrams among new elements such as human capital, structural capital, customer capital and the like.

Sprinkled throughout the 15 year evolution have been significant contributions by others: Tom Malone (USA) with his analysis for the Western Hemisphere Knowledge Partnership and keynote of the US State Department Conference on converting Russia to a Knowledge Economy; Mark Anielski (Canada) producing the Alberta Genuine Progress Indicators (GPI) with the Pembina Institute; Zhouying Jin (China) was leading the Strategy Committee for 21st Century China and the new soft technology indicators while Akira 'Stoney' Ishikawa (Japan) was coordinating the world Intellectual Capital Olympics; Ramiro Wahrahftig (Brazil) was chairing the State of Curitiba 6th International Conference on Technology Development; Verna Allee (USA) was developing the concept of increasing performance through value-networks; Partha Banerjee (India) and Frank Jurgen-Richter (Switzerland) published the proceedings of their conference - The Intangibles of Competition/Cooperation: Europe and Asia; Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia) has managed the Baltics Dynamics conferences in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; Hanne Schou-Rode (Denmark) has led her company in sustainability reporting for a major pharmaceutical company whose business is 99% non-Danish; Jerry Ash (USA) is hosting a conversation on his AOK network even this week; John Maloney (USA) has coordinated several KM Cluster meetings on the topic even within the last few months; David Skyrme (UK) has produced two major research studies published by Business Intelligence on the topic; and Javier Carrillo (Mexico) was hosting the 3rd International E100 Roundtable in Monterrey, developing the World Capital Institute and publishing a journal issue on Knowledge-Based Development.

We have considerable number of newcomers in the E100 roster. We have represented the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the UNDP and UNIDO just for starters. And there are major efforts now underway in many corners of the globe from which we can all learn...together. Some of you are aware of my own writings on IC in 1987, articles on the Power of Innovation Capital and the subsequent monograph published by the Society of Management Accountants in Canada. And we have analyzed E100 comments published in something called the 'Voice' of ENTOVATION, the attached for which are the ones on Performance Measures. You might also be aware of the work that Bryan Davis (Canada) and I have been doing on the Knowledge Zone project - tracking the success and investments of 100+ initiatives worldwide. Our preliminary findings and directions will be released at the September Roundtable in Spain.

All brings us now to anticipate how this - and talent and initiatives yet undiscovered even within the E100 - can be harnessed en route to Barcelona!

We have reserved a space within the ENTOVATION Intranet - www.entovation.net - which is a closed section for only E100 members. Please enter and go to the ENTOVATION Homepage and click on 'Global IC Indicators'. Explore what we have posted as articles, reports, website of interest, and biographical sketches of many of the people references above as they are considered leaders in this critical domain of the Knowledge Value Proposition.

In order to prepare for the conversation that will ensue over the next few months as we anticipate the 4th International Roundtable in Barcelona (Spain) scheduled for November 13-17, 2004, please pay attention to the following:

(1) If you are active in this field, please check to make sure that YOUR favorite resource material (e.g., websites, articles, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, etc) is included!

(2) Check the Bio sketches to make sure that YOURS is accurate.

(3) If you are not included, but should be, let us know so you can create YOUR own Bio for our quick reference.

Soon, we will begin posting other material and questions relative to the performance issues and opportunities. We are seeking that your 'Voice' be heard as we head for a defining event in the evolution of our Network.

Happy entovating,

P.S. And do not forget to log onto your calendar the conference planned for Helsinki September 2-3 (see attached) scheduled - by design - immediately before the E100 Roundtable so you might be able to attend both!

"Economic theory has a problem with knowledge;
It seems to defy the basic principle of scarcity...
The more you pass it on,
The more it proliferates -
Infinitely expansible.
What is scarce in the new economy
Is the ability to understand and use knowledge."

- Survey of the World Economy 1996

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