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Knowledge zones are emerging rapidly as the next step in the quest for sustainable growth and economic development for cities, regions, countries, and even corporations and global virtual organizations. As the knowledge-based economy expands, stakeholders are finding this to be an appealing transformational pathway to a prosperous, diversified, and abundant future.

Knowledge cities, for example, when developed intelligently and in harmony with the natural environment, have the potential to provide for the well being of stakeholders, bringing prosperity, safety, and a high quality of life for citizens. There is a near-term opportunity for leadership executives to learn from the progress to-date, and to strategically position themselves and their constituents to play an active role in leveraging knowledge, intellectual capital, and creativity, for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

As we explored the topics in Monterrey: Knowledge Cities, Knowledge Regions and a Knowledge World - http://www.knowledgesystems.org/e100mty/index.html#monterrey. we discovered how knowledge-based Development (KBD) is consolidating as a strategic approach in regions and countries which have achieved the highest levels of sustainable development. Scandinavian countries, the European Union, Canada and Australasia, have made of KBD the axis of its developmental policies. When viewed in this context, all the concepts, methods and tools developed by ENTOVATION practitioners becomes relevant to building successful enterprises.

The ENTOVATION Group/Alliance (EG/A) has decided to fully investigate this phenomenon by founding a Knowledge Cities Observatory (KCO) in consort with the plans of the 4th International E100 Roundtable in Barcelona November 13-17th. Under the leadership of Angel Arbonies (Spain) and Ron Dvir (Israel), this major initiative will take shape and traction with the launch. The E100 and their guests from their own local cities will be invited to participate. The formal invitation is forthcoming this week, but what follows is a summary of highlights. Please mark your calendars NOW.

What is the Knowledge City Observatory?

The intention of the Knowledge City Observatory is to bring together the cutting edge cities that want to win competitive advantage by pioneering a new environment for their citizens. The ultimate aim of the observatory is to increase the innovation capacity and performance of cities based on a new set of knowledge policy drivers by creating an active community of knowledge sensitive cities or regions, which will learn from each other. This observatory will provide short-term insights and recipes as well as longer term observations. The observatory will be launched in Barcelona, with experts from the ENTOVATION network and founding cities.

What are the 10 Core Principles* of the Knowledge City?

  • Knowledge Purpose
  • Knowledge Symmetry
  • Knowledge Commerce
  • New Growth Medium
  • Abundant Economy
  • Knowledge-to-Democracy
  • Knowledge Fusion
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Boundlessness
  • Knowledge Governance
  • Knowledge Enabling Grid

* Detailed background information forthcoming from the Kaieteur Institute of Knowledge Management.      

Threads of research, collaboration and action

The visioning and architecting of a knowledge city is a complex challenge, which involved multiple dimensions. The Knowledge Cities Observatory will focus, in the context of an overall framework, on specific dimensions. The set of these issues will be determined by the members and updated from time to time to reflect shifts in priorities of the member cities. The collective capacity of KCO to aggregate cutting-edge analyses and consultancy, integrating a number of highly relevant and complementary threads will provide the platform for breakthroughs at the urban level.  A starter set discussed at the kick-off event in Barcelona includes the following threads: 

Thread I: City Innovation SuperHighway
Thread II: The Capital Cities© Framework
Thread III Community Building Indicators
Thread VI: Urban and Regional Innovation Engines
Detailed descriptions are forthcoming in the formal invitation to participate.

Activities of Knowledge City Observatory 

The set of joint activities that serve the observatory objective will emerge by the members. However, we envision the following initial core activities:

Annual round tables that are platforms for mutual learning. The first will take place in Barcelona.

Comparative indicators: creation and sharing of a set of indicators for Member Cities, which enhance understanding and navigation through the drivers of progress in a knowledge economy.

Knowledge tours: providing key players in knowledge cities with the opportunity to visit other cities and learn from their experiences.  The tours will combine meetings with key playas in the hosting cities, workshops with leading local experts, and visiting local innovation engines.

Good practices exchange: to speed-up and intensify the mutual learning of good practices. Urban and regional Best practices collected at the knowledge cities will be packaged as useful knowledge recipes. Each city member of the observatory has surly wealth of unique expertise, methods, insights and practices which can be contributed and enrich the best-practices body of knowledge.

Coaching of cities and supporting them in their journey to become exemplar knowledge cities. Membership in the observatory will provide not only access to the extraordinary talent base of its members, but also to a large set of relevant tools (such as Regional Intellectual Capital reports, Urban Future Centres, City Innovation Engines and other knowledge and innovation mechanisms.

Barcelona as a Knowledge City

  • A city that has instruments to make knowledge accessible to citizens.
  • A network of public libraries that is compatible with the European standards.
  • Access to the new communication technologies for all citizens.
  • All cultural facilities and services with a central educational strategy.
  • A city that has a newspaper- and book-reading level that is similar to the average European level.
  • A city that has a network of schools connected with artistic instruction throughout its territory.
  • A city that is respectful of the diversity of cultural practices of its citizens.
  • A city that places the streets at the service of culture.
  • A city that simplifies, through the provision of spaces and resources, the cultural activity of the community collectivities and associations.
  • A city with civic centres that are open to diversity and that foster face-to-face relations.
  • A city that makes available to citizens from other territories all the tools required for them to express themselves.
  • A city that has instruments to make knowledge accessible to citizens.

And so this is a Pre-Announcement... We have been carefully exploring many other examples of knowledge-based development and are providing a systematic analysis to illustrate how knowledge cities can be used to create extraordinary value, enduring and sustainable prosperity. A short sample of initiatives includes:

  1. Melbourne (Australia) Knowledge City
  2. Barcelona (Spain) City Of Knowledge
  3. Panama City Of Knowledge
  4. Delft (Holland) Knowledge City
  5. Ohio (USA) Knowledge Industry Partnership
  6. New England (USA) Creative Economy Initiatives
  7. Calgary (Canada) Intelligent City
  8. London (UK) Life Knowledge Park
  9. Ennis (Ireland) Information Age Town
  10. Dubai Knowledge Village
  11. Sao Paolo (Brazil) Virtual City Of Knowledge
  12. Cambridge (UK) Genetics Knowledge Park
  13. San Diego (USA) City Of The Future
  14. Penn State Erie PA (USA) Knowledge Park
  15. Manukau (New Zealand) Smart Manukau - Knowledge City
  16. Shanghais (China) City Of The Future

Do you have an exemplar City to showcase and/or become part of the learning process?

Stay tuned for the formal announcement and reserve your place at the table...

Always in your Network,

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where it should be, always at the center.
Management, value creation, knowledge, ethics,
everything is merged into a real value-based vision
of what society can accomplish.
We have to get everyone in the train,
the time is right."

- Villarreal, Héctor A.
Tecnológico de Monterrey

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