[E100 Alert] Getting Ready for Barcelona - November 13-17, 2004

Dear E100:

In previous e-mails, we've told you about our plans for the 4th International Roundtable scheduled for Barcelona for November 13-17th. In particular, there are plans for a major OPEN session that is sponsored in partnership with Barcelona Activa. The events will be preceded with business meetings of The ENTOVATION Group/Alliance (EG/A) and all in attendance are also invited to join in shaping the Knowledge Cities Observatory.

E100 Angel Arbonies, MIK, S.Coop, has been working diligently to finalize the agenda, logistics and concept design of the new observatory - the details for all of which will be sent later this week. You will not be disappointed; and you might want to reserve these dates NOW, while they are on your mind!

But you might also want to take a look at why we selected Barcelona in the first place!

Many of you are already aware of Forum 2004. You can get an idea of the scope of events from visiting the website - http://www.barcelona2004.org/eng/; but even then, it is not easy to comprehend the importance of these events and the location site. For instance, there are a series of critical dialogues underway that are garnering the interest of worldwide leadership on topics such as: Cities Living Together; Cultural Diversity and the Media; Freedom, Security and Peace; Globalization and Development; New agents, New Dynamics; Science, Knowledge and Sustainable Development; Unheard Voices; Spirituality; The Role of Education in Culture and Development; and more...much more.

You might want to pay particular attention to one page of the Forum 2004 website:


This outlines the plans and agenda for a forthcoming Mayors meeting in Barcelona now scheduled for early May. See below the list of those planning to participate as speakers (and I may have missed a few). It is likely that your own local leadership will be in attendance. And this is only ONE event!

The point is we have the opportunity now to meet thereafter - together - in November as part of Forum 2004 and offer our insights and aspirations from the perspective of the knowledge enterprises and zones emerging all over the world. The E100 represents a global network of knowledge and innovation professionals...and our potential 'Voice' of competence. What better group from which to learn; and what better place than Barcelona in November?!

Let me know if you are making plans (or even trying) to attend!

Always in your Network,

P.S. There are some resources provided at the bottom of this e-mail that may also be worthy of your attention. And if you are curious about what might be a 'knowledge city', take a look http://www.bcn.es/accentcultura/angl/webang.doc.

Joan CLOS - Mayor of Barcelona
Joao VERLE - Mayor of Porto Alegre
José MONTILLA I AGUILERA - President of the Provincial Council of Barcelona
Koïchiro MATSUURA - UNESCO Secretary General
Manuel MAS i ESTELA - President of the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia
Andrés Manuel LÓPEZ OBRADOR - Mayor of Mexico DF (Mexico)
Artur HUSSENE CANANA - Mayor of Maputo (Mozambique)
Ivo OPSTELTEN - Mayor of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Ken LEVINGSTONE - Mayor of London (United Kingdom)
Willie L. BROWN, Jr. - Mayor of San Francisco (USA)
Fernando CORDERO CUEVA - Mayor of Cuenca (Ecuador)
Fernando DAMATA - Mayor of Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Francesco ARGERI - Mayor of Pieve Emanuelle (Italy)
Gerald TREMBLAY - Mayor of Montreal (Canada)
Martine AUBRY - Mayor of Lille (France)
Giuseppe PERICU - Mayor of Genova (Italy)
Hamid CHABAT- Mayor of Fés (Morocco)
Maite ARQUÉ - Mayor of Badalona (Spain)
Dr. Muhidin HAMAMDZIC- Mayor of Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Pablo SALAZAR - Chiapas Governor (Mexico)
Hidenobu TAKAHIDE - Mayor of Yokohama - President of Citynet (Japan)
Joan AGUADO - Mayor of Vilafranca del Penedès- President of Fons Catalá de Cooperació (Spain)
Mariano ARANA - Mayor of Montevideo-President of Mercociudades (Uruguay)
Miguel LIFCHITZ - Mayor of Rosario - Vice-President of Red Ciudades Educadoras (Argentina)
Wolfgang TIEFENSEE - Mayor of Leipzig-President of Eurocities (Germany)
Abdel MOUNEEM EL ARISS - Mayor of Beirut (Lebanon)
Hanna NASSER - Mayor of Betlhem (Palestina)
Paolo COSTA - Mayor of Venice (Itay)
Peter COSTIGAN - Mayor of Melbourne (Australia)
Rigoberto QUEMÉ CHAY - Mayor of Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)
Patrick BRAOUEZEC - Mayor of Saint Denis (France)
Gregory Jr. NICKELS - Mayor of Seattle (USA)
Hans KOSCHNICK - Mayor of Bremen (Germany)
Jarmo RANTANEn - Mayor of Tampere (Finland)
Lin SHENG MAO - Mayor of Hangzhou (China)
Mahadev BHAGOJI - Mayor of Mumbai (India)
Claudio MARTINI (Florencia -Toscana)
Bertrand DELANOE (Paris)
Ali Müfit GÜRTUNA - Mayor of Istanbul (Turkey)
Bertrand DELANOE - Mayor of Paris (France)
Marta SUPLICY - Mayor of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Nombuyiselo NGELE - Mayor of Pretoria (South Africa)
Walter VELTRONI - Mayor of Rome (Italy)
Auki TITUAÑA - Mayor of Cotacachi (Ecuador)
Bernard BIRSINGER - Mayor of Bobigny (France)
Bocar SIDIK KANE - Mayor of Guediawaye (Senegal)
Joao AVAMILENO - Mayor of Santo André (Brazil)
Manuel PÉREZ CASTELL - Mayor of Albacete (Spain)
Carlos Alberto RIVAS ZAMORA - Mayor of Nuevo San Salvador (El Salvador)
Carlos Manuel BARATEIRO DE SOUSA - Mayor of Setubal (Portugal)
Eloi PIETA - Mayor of Guarulhos (Brazil)
Jacqueline FRAYSSE - Mayor of Nanterre (France)
Jesús G. CARIGLINO - Mayor of Malvinas Argentinas (Argentina)
Mikel CABIESES GARCÍA - Mayor of Portugalete (Spain)
Annika BILLSTRÖM - Mayor of Stockholm (Sweden)
Beate WEBER - Mayor of Heidelberg (Germany)
Enrique RIERA ESCUDERO - Mayor of Asunción (Paraguay)
Paco MONCAYO GALLEGOS - Mayor of Quito (Ecuador)
Rosa AGUILAR - Mayor of Cordoba (Spain)
Hon. Shri. Sikandar BAKHT - Governor of Kerala (India)
Abdel Rahim SHEHATA - Mayor of Cairo (Egypt)
Bärbel DIECKMANN - Mayor of Bonn (Germany)
Christian FERRAZINO - Mayor of Geneva(Switzerland)
Luis Eduardo GARZÓN - Mayor of Bogotá (Colombia)
Odon ELORZA - Mayor of San Sebastián (Spain)
Anibal IBARRA - Mayor of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Jean-Paul L'ALLIER - Mayor of Quebeq (Canada)
Lluis Miquel PÉREZ SEGURA - Mayor of Reus (Spain)
Martin CHAVEZ - Mayor of Albuquerque (USA)
Pedro SABAT - Mayor of Nuñoa (Chile)
Renato LOCCHI - Mayor of Perugia (Italy)
Tarso GENRO (Brazil) - Minister of State and Head of the Special Secretariat of the New Economic and Social Development Council (Brazil)
Yves Cabannes (PGU-ONU) Coordinator of the United Nations Organisation Urban Management Programme for Latin America and Caribbean Countries-PGU-ONU

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"In a changing world, globalization has brought old problems out into the open and has also created new problems. We need transparency and dialogue to build a better world. As said Pope John Paul II, 'We need a new world order that is more stable, more just and more human.' That's why I'm in Barcelona, and that's why I'll be at the Forum starting in May."

- Quoted by Mikhail Gorbachev Inaugural Speech, Pre-Forum 2004 Dialogue

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