[E100 Alert] Tribute to E100 Women
The Netherlands
South Africa
Dear E100:
This is the week we celebrate International Women’s Day!
Over the last 20 years we have discovered one another – sharing insights, priorities and aspirations. It has been a journey across 6 continents and you represent 43 of the most extraordinary women I have met. You come from 24 countries and your own networks span dozens more.

- Some of you have been with me since the beginning.
- A few have served as ENTOVATION Fellows.
- Most of you have shared quality face-to-face interaction with one another.
- All have talents I admire, experiences I envy, and standards I seek to emulate
- And each of you has touched me in very special ways…and I have grown.

So, let me take this opportunity to say Thank YOU and introduce you to one another!

Individual Profiles:
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"It has evolved into a 'community of knowledge practice' with a vision of international collaboration."

"'Kaleidoscopic change' demands an entire new form of management philosophy, standards and practice."

"A new economic world order is based upon knowledge (not technology), innovation (not solutions), value-systems (not chains), customer success (not satisfaction) and international collaboration (not competition)."

"There is a leap of faith and trust required to take advantage of the opportunities afforded in this new knowledge economy."

Name: Debra M. Amidon
Title: Founder and Chief Strategist
Affiliation: ENTOVATION International, Ltd.
Country: USA
URL: www.entovation.com, entovation.com/gkii
Mary Adams

"With roots in high-risk lending and the banking industry, it is clear that we need new information paradigms to explain the operations of our companies."

"Colleagues at Intellectual Capital Sweden have 10+ experience helping companies assess and manage their intellectual capital. Until recently, there was not much interest or understanding of the concepts of intellectual capital in the U.S. The current downturn is making the shortcomings of the current system more obvious."

"Management information and accounting still have a long way to go. One of the biggest gaps in most managers’ inability to ‘see’ their knowledge assets as a system—that it is not just about what’s in people’s heads, in KM systems, in processes, in IP, in networks—it is about all of it together."

"The potential of the knowledge economy is we can change almost everything—how we produce goods, how we use energy, how we produce food, how we build knowledge. The most important vision is a shorter-term: how can we help companies to develop and leverage knowledge in a way that creates jobs and creates sustainable communities."

Name: Mary Adams, CMC
Affiliation: President
I-Capital Advisors/
Trek Consulting LL Winchester,
Country: Country: MA, USA.
URL: http://www.i-capitaladvisors.com/
Verna Allee

“No significant change can happen without first having a shift of mind – by starting to think differently…a combination interest in complex systems and collective intelligence.”

“This is a radically different view of business – one that is much more focused on developing strategic capability than are traditional business analysis and management practices. How is value really created and what might happen if we treated human competence, relationships, and informal structures as real assets?”

“We have made good progress in technology and collaborative tools. People are beginning to master the social innovation of knowledge networks and communities of practice. But there is still a very big gap in reconciling our business models to the new thinking.”

“Groups of people with a passion for social and environmental good are finding each other, accelerating knowledge sharing through the Internet, and coming together in global and local network organizations that are working for positive change for society.”

Name: Verna Allee
Affiliation:Verna Allee Associates
Country: USA
URL: www.vernaallee.com

“Knowledge affects our attitudes, our inspirations and our control over ourselves and others. Knowledge is power. It is better to wield power than to yield to it, whether in your own life or in your organization, the consequences tend to be more favorable.”

“Knowledge is colored by perception. Perception should not blind one to the potential and beauty of knowledge. I am influenced daily by all around me, as I believe we must always learn and evolve ourselves to push the envelope of knowledge.”

“The greatest challenge is one’s attitude. Everything stem’s from this. There is no situation one can not master, if one is aware of the price of each decision made and action taken. To deal will any challenge successfully is firstly a question of calculating the risk involved in dealing with it given your resource base. Secondly it is question of timely action and reaction.”

“A possible scenario for a knowledge economy is one where the thinkers will be the architects of success. They will build upon blocks of knowledge with unlimited creativity. The potential of fresh ideas and innovations will fuel economies and inspire and influence decision makers in the political and commercial arenas.”

Name: Sabahath Ashraf
Title: Vice President
Affiliation:Total Alignment LLC
Director of ‘One Stop Shop’
Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM)
Country: OMAN
URL: www.total-alignment.com

“City Planning - as a field of study – enables us to cause and promote rather than simply study change…the economic forces embodied in community relations and functions - the ways in which communities form, nurture, and thrive are some of the imperative behaviors to the success of the human race.”

“Greatest challenge is finding a personal niche in today’s global society - a society that requires much more consideration and passion for those whom, while we may never meet, contribute to our success and happiness on a daily basis.”

“I’ve grown up around the jargon and activity of the emerging KM field, including leaders who have been to my home from China, Viet Nam, Mexico, UK, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Australia, and more. By the time I was 6 years old I had been to more countries than some people visit in their entire lives; but in most instances, too young to fully appreciate and soak in the amazing displays of diversity to which I was exposed.”

“Pictures can capture the important structures or scenic views of a place, but only personal experience can teach you about the true nature of a culture. Years after visiting a place, you may or may not remember the physical features, but you will most definitely remember the spirit.”

Name: Kendra M. Amidon
Affiliation:California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. CA USA
Country: USA
URL: www.calpoly.edu
Alex and David Bennet

"We began to develop the 'integrative competencies', the overarching knowledge and skills needed to survive in a changing, uncertain and complex environment. Founded the Mountain Quest Institute, a research and retreat center nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia that is dedicated to quest for knowledge, consciousness and meaning."

"We have the challenge of breaking through the aura of historic successes that brought about by industrial mechanistic thinking and grinding new lenses to view and succeed in a new world How do we move from the competitive local mindset to the win-win global environment offered through the living network that is today's world, as one thought leader terms it, into a more human and humane future."

"We (US Department of the Navy) created a shared vision, built the business case, demonstrated leadership commitment, facilitated a common understanding, defined limits, shared new ideas, words and behaviors, identified the strategic approach, developed a structure, measured and incentivized, provided tools, promoted learning, and then envisioned an even greater future".

"Dealing with meta-knowledge, learning, relationships, ideas, methods, processes and meaning, it helps individuals and organizations improve their capacity to perform well by fostering growth, collaboration, social interaction and the fundamental human values of honesty, integrity, sharing and trust. The burning question that keeps readdressing itself in our thought is how do we use this gift, this focus on knowledge, a refocus on people, to create a better society, a better world?"

Name: Alex Bennet
Affiliation:Founders Mountain Quest Institute
Country: USA
URL: mountainquestinstitute.com

“Building sharing behavior which results in a mature and interdependent organization is my interest. A full understanding of Human Resources element Policy, Program and Integrated Practice as a platform to enable the organization ready for KM Implementation.”

“KM is a holistic approach which orchestrates all aspect of organization from a complete angle. Due to the nature of Knowledge which is intangible it is not easy to measure straight away to profit in quite a short time. Therefore it needs time, patience and passion to achieve the best possible result.”

“The vision is for an understanding about interconnectedness among countries in the world to provide a genuine collaboration - an understanding of uniqueness of each country and its unique contribution to the world.”

“Eradication of poverty by focusing on education which is contextual to each country with a role model leadership with a quality of compassion and dialog within a universal perspective which can orchestrate knowledge economy for the perfectibility of potential in humankind.”

Name: Rayanti Binawan
Affiliation:Knowledge Partner Insight Knowledge Partners
Country: Jakarta, INDONESIA
URL: www.insight-kp.com
Yvonne Buma

"Specialized in (employee) communications and organizational culture…knowledge field was a logical next step."

"Develop a systems communications model that is better suited for the knowledge economy than the traditional linear models."

"Collaborate with their stakeholders and (even) their competitors to develop their potential fully."

"Think about what we can learn from different cultures…Look for and respect the differences and develop your methods accordingly. Keep our eyes wide open and not fall for the trap of copying from one dominant culture."

Name: Yvonne Buma
Country: Nederland
URL: www.gideya.com
Yvonne Buma

“Leaders must establish a reputation as a change agent and execution machine…executing consistently and quickly in a demanding environment. Build a broad constituency so your voice has the power of ensuring success at different levels.”

“Although Silicon Valley is the epicenter of innovation, it is not what you see but the opportunity to collaborate…the chance to get involved with leadership activities, university relationships and more. Innovation is thinking outside the box and looking toward the future.”

“In strategic alliances (e.g., VMware alliance), need to balance ownership with partnership while creating a framework of trust, respect and transparency. Required are technology thought leadership and customer focus while building consistent communication with executive teams on both sides. This enables you to think collaboratively about what you can do together than you otherwise might not do on your own.”

“EMC2 Women’s Leadership Forum West Coast provides the center of innovation through the eyes and on the shoulders of women with a vision to share best practices with internal and external women’s organizations”

“Reaching back as you go forward. The power of my success can only truly be realized when those I touch also have an opportunity to achieve their own success. This will ensure we come together as a community to change the world for each one of us - one at a time over time.”

Name: Sheryl Chamberlain
Office of the CTO
EMC Corporation
Country: Santa Clara, California USA
URL: www.emc.com
Yvonne Buma

“Creativity and innovation are best achieved through bringing together multiple perspectives and through learning from one another. Curiosity about how to best activate levers to achieve these outcomes.”

“A changing paradigm from ‘knowledge is power’ (aka individually based) to ‘the power of many is greater than the power of one.’ The whole system is only as strong as its weakest link.”

“Knowledge is a deeply personal experience and as such should be approached behaviorally rather than through systems. It's about relationships and human networks and is at its best when enacted through those. It is naive to think that you can build a system and people will come to it.”

“Preserve the delicate balance between global expertise and indigenous knowledge.”

Name: Michele Egan
Title: Knowledge Manager
Affiliation:The World Bank Group
Country: USA
URL: www.worldbank.org
Yvonne Buma

“To date, there is little Arabic content or content in English produced by Arab countries on the Internet. Access to locally developed content, content relative to local cultures and interests, and content in Arabic is essential. In spite of these barriers (e.g., computer-illiteracy rates, lack of awareness), RITSEC has established more than 100 cyber clubs throughout the country and has offered more than 50,000 hours of training.”

"Our mission is to support and help development of the Information Technology and Software Industry in the Arab Region in order to become a World-Class industry capable of competing at international levels; and to serve as a catalyst for accelerating socio-economic development, within the Region."

“It has always been the concern of RITSEC to explore new fields, and undertake Initiatives in these fields, piloting in Egypt before moving on to the Region, and incubating the activities and projects till they fulfill the goals, which were set to be achieved.”

“Our Global Campus reflects a serious effort to formulate a global learning environment through the intelligent integration of the evolving communications and electronic publishing technologies with the existing education infrastructure.”

Name: Effat El Shooky
Title: Vice President, RITSEC
Affiliation:Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center Cairo
Country: EGYPT
URL: www.ritsec.org.eg
Yvonne Buma

“France is the 10th-biggest importer (to the United States), and the United States is the sixth-biggest importer to France. French companies create 550,000 jobs in the U.S.; and U.S. companies create 600,000 jobs in France. It's quite balanced with mutual benefit to both.”

“The challenge for the chamber is to make the area visible and attractive to Europe. We bridge meetings between the French trade commissioners in the United States, CEOs of French companies and leadership organizations throughout the Americas.”

“Since the Iraq war, there have been real improvements in the dialogue, and the connection is back. There are more friendships. The bitter days are behind us. The business aspect of opportunities has returned.”

“I’ve seen the power of a strong international business network at Dassault Systèmes; and I am determined to continue strengthening international business opportunities for the local, regional and national communities which the Chamber serves.”

Name: Isabelle Estebe
Affiliation:Director, Global Affairs and Communities Dassault Systèmes Americas Corporation
Country: USA/France
URL: www.3DS.com
Yvonne Buma

"Most fundamental influence has come from people who have nothing to do with KM, yet practice it at the deepest level in their activities."

"Challenge is finding courageous executives capable of initiating and sustaining efforts of change and transformation."

"We are starting to develop a humility in the West which helps us to become better citizens of the earth."

"Compassion is in very short supply and yet essential to accomplish and real communication…creates energy to accomplish miracles."

Name: Dr. Lilly Evans
Title: Director, Integration Services, KPMG, Financial Advisory Services, Transaction Services
Country: Germany
URL: www.kpmg.de/ts
Yvonne Buma

"The 'compact' (the psychological contract) between U.S. employers and employees fell apart: People who thought they had joined one organization for life, who had bled company colors, moved their families around the world, and had played by the rules, suddenly discovered that the rules had changed."

"Leadership needs to be more collaborative, how to build employee engagement and the human side of knowledge management -- why people don't tell what they know and how to overcome these obstacles. Knowledge can only be volunteered; leaders can't force people to collaborate."

"Knowledge sharing is more than the technology that supports it, more than a business strategy aimed at optimizing a company's experience and expertise, and even more than a cultural shift from the industrial to the information age. Knowledge sharing is, first and foremost, about people."

"High turnover, mass layoffs and early retirements make it extremely challenging to develop the mutual trust necessary to build strong relationships throughout the organization. Technology can facilitate knowledge sharing but it is trust that enables it. The real power of knowledge economy offers tremendous opportunity for all of us to exert influence within our spheres of influence."

Name: Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
Title: President, Kinsey Consulting Services
Country: USA
URL: www.CKG.com
Yvonne Buma

"Knowledge will become even more important than nowadays and countries which do not concentrate on educating its people will be left behind."

"Never underestimate others as a source for learning. Age is not an obstacle for learning...Age and experience should make you more selective, wiser and ready to value small lessons."

"Be humble enough to respect the knowledge of others."

"This seems to be a road with no end. The more is done...the more is needed...It is a never ending story that...keeps us alive...and working for being useful to others."

Name: Dr. Elena Granell
Title: Full Professor
Affiliation: IESA
Country: Spain
Yvonne Buma

"Change of economic paradigm, which is more radical then the shift from agrarian to industrial society."

"Start by analyzing current economic reality."

"First step towards bridging the gap between traditional accounting and measuring IC efficiency."

"We should feel honored to live in this exceptional period of time and to participate in the creation of a new Weltanschauung .”

Name: Karmen Jelcic
Title: CEO, "IC-Promoter", Consultant
Affiliation:Intellectual Capital Center
Country: Croatia
URL: www.measuring-ip.at, www.vaic-on.net, www.cik-hr.com
Yvonne Buma

"I see more similarities than differences."

"Intellectual capital as a leading productivity element of a modern society - the key for China's development in 21st Century."

"In the age of globalization, as a developing country - how to meet the intellect economy."

"It is an ‘intellect (not knowledge) economy’; this includes practice and action. Intellect integrates knowledge with capabilities."

Name: Zhouying Jin
Title: Director Center of Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS)
Affiliation:Institute of Quanti-Economics and Techno-Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Country: China
Yvonne Buma

"I see knowledge management as a multidisciplinary "science" with many facets, an entry point for fascinating research on important human, organisational and societal issues."

"Information alone is not enough to make informed decisions and to create a competitive advantage. You need motivated and knowledgeable people who collaborate towards a shared goal."

"We need to build an inclusive society that values different cultures and backgrounds. Capital is no longer the unique factor for value creation, knowledge is the main differentiator for our society longer term."

"It is important to be open to these and take measured risks - in personal relationships as well as in work settings. If you stretch yourself you develop in new ways and discover new people, new sets of opportunities."

Name: Anne Jubert
Affiliation:European Research Coordinator, Ecole Centrale Paris
Country: France
URL: www.knowledgeboard.com
Yvonne Buma

“With roots in intercultural management, we’re exploring the relationship between innovation and diversity, thereby make it easier for future organisations to benefit from diversity in their innovative practice.”

“Challenge to translate the theoretical learnings about the knowledge economy into practice (i.e., theories-in-use), applying what is more of a mindset, and attitude or a paradigm into daily practices, routines, methodologies and toolboxes.”

“The importance of the degree of diversity and/or similarity in innovation…groups and organisations characterised by a high degree of similarity will have a tendency to be internally well-connected and cohesive allowing for easy transfer of highly complex and specialised forms of knowledge. On the other hnad, a more diverse set of external ties is likely to be more innovative, in its ability to learn about and exploit the primary sources of innovation....drawing upon a multitude of perspectives and skills.”

“My vision for the knowledge economy is a world in which there is no-best-way, no one-way – where we all have a desire to learn more, to broaden our perspective – and listen and learn more carefully – and indeed, embrace - from those who are different from ourselves.”

Name: Suzanne Justesen
Title:Founder and Chief Strategist
Affiliation:Innoversity Network, LLC
Country: DENMARK
URL: www.innoversity.dk/welcome.htm
Yvonne Buma

“Not all information is knowledge. It is up to individuals and organizations to determine what information qualifies as intellectual and knowledge-based assets. The challenge is to determine how to recognize 'know-how', assemble it, share it and manage it.”

“Nor is knowledge static. Its relevance changes over time. Some has long-term value while some is transient. True KM is about creating order...”

“As an international development specialist, the knowledge focus is one of promoting economic, social and political development – creating learning interventions through the Virtual Development Academy (VDA).

“Build collaborative electronic networks to evolve development projects with governments, donors, international organizations, private institutions and NGO’s – all in the interest of modern governance, democracy and poverty alleviation.”

Name: Samina Kamal
Affiliation:UNDP Virtual Development Academy
Country: USA
URL: jiu-web-a.jonesinternational.edu
Yvonne Buma

"Knowledge sharing is a solution to all 3: Personnel Loyalty, Partner Loyalty and Customer Loyalty".

"Cultural change and management commitment are the two challenges."

"It can be very beneficial for small and medium companies where communication is supposed to be easy. In a global economy, it is not size, but innovation that leads to success."

"How can we train the politicians to change their classical habits so that we can have laws that support the Knowledge Economy?"

Name: Gulgun Kayakutlu
Affiliation:Istanbul Commerce University
Country: TURKEY
Yvonne Buma

"There are no future facts. Alternative futures are possible. Two extreme future scenarios illustrate that Future Internet technologies can be harnessed to achieve dramatically opposite outcomes. Choices need to be made in the design of new technologies. Choices lead to tension. Design for the future must acknowledge the possibility of wild card."

"According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), many Scenario-building initiatives have failed to adequately consider how the Internet and related ICTs are actually transforming institutions and governance, and impacting social development and environmental management."

• Society of light: The first thing that strikes any visitor to this society is the general sense of well being. The streets are bright and the air is full of joy. The inhabitants are healthy with a long life expectancy. They are articulate, confident of themselves and proud of their endeavors. They are at the same time keen to absorb new ideas and learn from others, which they do continuously and easily. They are optimistic about the future, not just for themselves and those close to them, but also the future of future generations.

• Society of darkness: Not much is known about this society. Visitors to this society are few because they are not welcome. The few who have been there are afraid to talk about their visit in fear of their lives. It is rumored that the vast majority of the inhabitants live in some kind of cyber “cage”. Real or virtual, or “virtually real”, many bad things apparently happen in the cage, even though it is widely believed everything in the cage is being constantly monitored and meticulously patrolled, and punishment is severe.

"Despite all the efforts, productive or otherwise, there is no room for certitude, least of all complacency. The future – bright or bleak or "more of the same" - does not, and will not, somehow take care of itself. We are facilitators and potential creators of future(s), bearing in mind that there is potentially an infinite variety of Internet of Futures, awaiting human endeavor to build, or to destroy."

Name: Man-Sze Li
Affiliation:: Director IC Focus
Country: London, UK
URL: cordis.europa.eu
Yvonne Buma

"Knowledge is a scarce, critical ‘good’, the value of which may increase or decrease by sharing."

"The difference between (strategic) information management and knowledge management is more an issue of labeling."

"We still need to learn what knowledge we want to share with whom. Technology will be there to implement whatever decision."

"It is not the knowledge, but the way the knowledge is organized, structured, and made accessible, that makes the difference in the business world of the knowledge society."

Name: : Professor Dr. Claudia Loebbecke
Title:: Chair of Business and Media Management
Affiliation:: University of Cologne
Country: Germany
URL: www.mm.uni-koeln.de
Yvonne Buma

“My root interest in the knowledge field is born of my personal quest to understand human nature and my quest to support young people to find their voice and unleash their highest human potential. Access to knowledge, ability to co-create knowledge and question knowledge should be a basic human right. Knowledge unites - free flow of knowledge has the potential to become the greatest bridge builder of the world’s most prominent divides - the wealth, the opportunity, the labor, the religious….its what allows human to create and test new ideas, markets, products- to collaborate and to come to together to build communities.”

“In a world where the majority of the value is given to the explicit and material- selling a vision of what is possible and doesn’t yet exist has been probably my biggest challenge. My challenge has been to continue working in - and not give up on - environments that not always welcome innovation. What keeps you in a position of authority and power - wanting to share that knowledge and be transparent about it -is not something that is always welcome.”

“We have incubated initiatives like the Operational Youth Action Plan, the sports-for-development initiative and the technology and communications initiative. IIC will play an integral role at the upcoming WSIE in Boston, with a Plenary to launch the Social Intrapreneurship Network - identifying those in corporations who have ideas/knowledge and products with the potential to making their organizations more sustainable and their business models good for society and the environment.”

“People have access to knowledge- inquire within and get access to their innate wisdom to unleash their highest potential and go out into the world to be a better person, grow and be the change they want to see.”

Name: : Rosario Londoño
Title:: Chair of Business and Media Management
Affiliation:: Senior Social Innovation and Impact Officer; Senior Trust Fund and Technical Assistance Officer

Inter-American Investment Corporation

Country: Colombia/USA
URL: www.iadb.org, www.iic.org
Yvonne Buma

“Dream is to develop platforms (regional and global) to promote youth’s knowledge and collaboration; for example an HR venture in Singapore and by organizing the first youth research and entrepreneurial development NGO in Greece.”

“My vision of Knowledge Intelligence Zones consists of the following aspects: Global knowledge clusters, clusters that combine corporations, institutions, networks, and NGOs that would enable internal collaboration, benchmark projects and bets practices exchange opportunities; more cities globally, where ethos and aesthetics for the brain are implemented to a greater extent; development of international teams of knowledge nomads, who would behave as catalysts for Knowledge Intelligence Zones strategy in developing regions.; and specific IC ratios, metrics, and blueprint developments, standards in which companies are engaged.”

“Knowledge does not move from the point of origin directly and time efficiently to the highest need, the vision of knowledge zone is not cultivated broadly, thus initiatives or pressure for action are moving top-bottom only and not bottom-top, and then the implementation of such pioneering vision becomes even a more difficult task.”

Name: : Maria Loumioti
Title:: Marketing Director
Affiliation:: YUASEC, NGO for youth research and entrepreneurship promotion
Country: Greece
Yvonne Buma

"Knowledge take multiple forms –savoir, savoir-faire, savoir-être."

"Switch from specific problem solving to global knowledge flow through organizing – people + computers + documents – need a common language."

"KM is complex and difficult but it is worth an effort. Sometimes…people do not believe, or are afraid of necessary changes."

"It’s a planetary problem to motivate people to do collaborative work."

Name: : Dr. Eunika Mercier-Laurent
Title:: Founder
Affiliation:: EML Conseil Knowledge Management, France
Country: France
URL: perso.wanadoo.fr/eml-conseil
Yvonne Buma

“Challenge: Peers, not only 'stuck' but 'comfortable' in their insulated non-collaborating, non-doing silos.”

“We are creating the 'currency' of the 'knowledge economy'. As responsible citizens of this 'global village' we must continue innovating the ways and means of sharing and building our 'stories' to the benefit of the 'whole' knowledge economy.”

“Experiment with blogging and attain personal satisfaction from evangelizing collaboration effectively.”

“Never give up on an idea that is taking you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown when you feel and/or know that implementing this idea will be improving communication and collaboration.”

Name: : Judith Meskill
Title:: Partner
Affiliation:: The Growth Solutions Group
Country: USA
URL: www.meskill.net/weblogs
Yvonne Buma

"…higher education institutions do not have the monopoly on knowledge production."

"Raising awareness about the need to change the education system – at the policy level - to be more responsive to new demands and needs of the information age."

"Knowledge can be shared without depriving oneself…improved upon as you bring more players into play."

"A knowledge economy where all people can participate fairly from all parts of the world."

Name: : Teboho Moja
Title:: Professor of Higher Education
Affiliation:: New York University
Yvonne Buma

“Breaking free of the constraints and underperformance of industrial era organisations, with amazing financial results…bringing people together to create new knowledge in our conferences/exhibitions.”

“When we talk about valuing knowledge as an asset, it's hard to see how rewards, salary planning and organizational development are supporting the knowledge valued in the company to meet its vision and goals.”

“High Performance comes from singularity of purpose - total focus and fully shared understanding of what we are doing, why and how.”

Name: : Sally-Ann Moore
Title:: Conference Director
Affiliation:: ELearnExpo, Intermedia (Part of the ITE Group PLC)
URL: www.elearnexpo.com
Yvonne Buma

“A practitioner of clustering processes and a promoter of sharing inter-organisational knowledge.”

“Challenge: to create and facilitate an interaction space and collaboration in management through Cluster Conocimiento as an interactive and cooperative structure articulated with collective learning and exchange of knowledge between agents coming from the management world.”

“We need higher consolidation and specialization of theory and praxis, since the theoretical corpus tends to be excessively generalist and the praxis is really reductionism, being extremely related to its context.”

“In the knowledge economy tacit and explicit knowledge are the core of competitiveness involving individual, collective or organizational learning, with people, organizations and technologies key factors. This process of world-wide extension establishes new challenges to regions and towns, and at the same time create new opportunities for them, which come from their unique capacity as innovation and learning centres.”

Name: : Mónica Moso
Affiliation::Parque Tecnológico de Zamudio, edif. 101, 48170 Zamudio, Bizkaia, SPAIN

Tel: + 34 94 420 9809
Fax: + 34 94 420 9516
URL: www.clusterconocimiento.com
Yvonne Buma

"The strategic renewal of organizations has always involved the use of knowledge."

"Use of the technology to create national and international virtual dialogue hosted in Israel."

"Those of us in the field forget how suspicious others are of the ‘new fashion.’"

"We have still a long way to go before we get organizations to understand the potential of this emerging field."

Name: : Dr. Edna Pasher
Title:: Founding Partner
Affiliation: Edna Pasher & Associates

Country: ISRAEL
URL: http://www.pasher.co.il
Yvonne Buma

"My greatest challenge was The Balkan War - a war really brings the best and the worst in people. When we lose everything, our knowledge is the only and most valuable thing that is left."

"Each person has some special knowledge or skill from which we can learn. Networking is one of the fastest and the most reliable ways of assembling information for the intelligence process."

"Dubrovnik was one of the most intelligent cities in the history. We should look back into its heritage - in terns of a changing world, the notion of time and globalization - and try to learn from it."

"An intelligent city should have its projection into the virtual world in order to stay connected with its citizens and to integrate the scattered arenas if the city with a universal interface. The mapping of intellectual capital (IC) helps a city leadership to make better resource allocation decisions."

Name: : Dragana Radovanovic
Affiliation:: School of Economics and Management, Lund University
Country: Sweden
URL: www.entovation.com/whatsnew/KIZ Award Student 2005.ppt
Yvonne Buma

“Corporate Knowledge Management Team emerged as a group of advocators, from the different business units, interested in getting synergy from the different efforts that were developing in an independent and autonomous way within PDVSA, such as technological intelligence, knowledge centers, center of excellence, communities of practice.”

“Today over the 117 communities of Knowledge integrate the KM Corporate Network corporate networking, and more than 10,000 employees are connected sharing knowledge and experiences.”

“KM program is an integral part of each business’ structure rather than a parasystem.”

“The challenge – to institutionalize the KM, to promote a new way of doing things and working, and to keep working to close the knowing-doing gap.”

Name: : Dr. Olimpia Salas
Title: Founder
Affiliation:: Knowledge Management Corporate Team, CIED - PDVSA
Yvonne Buma

"Be innovative and creative in the face of adversity…persevere."

"Created the Department of Defense (DoD) Model for Enterprise Planning and Management."

"Power elites, economic spheres of influence, individual nations and large global tribes will have to negotiate new relationships or the natural turbulence coming from the inevitable conflict could well continue. There are no guarantees about our future."

"Use our capabilities and knowledge to improve the lives of the people around us…define a common ground."

Name: : Lynne Schneider. M.S.
Title: Managing Director
Affiliation:: Strategy Consulting Practice, ENTOVATION International Ltd
Country: USA

URL: www.entovation.com
Yvonne Buma

“Knowledge creates complexity and dilemmas to be dealt with; however, knowledge makes it not totally impossible to find solutions.”

“A sustainable business approach is crucial for creating a better future - not only for the shareholders.”

“There should be room within companies to reach their vision in various ways.”

“Knowledge and innovation are the main drivers of business growth – the collaborative business advantage.”

Name: Hanne Schou-Rode
Title: Vice President
Affiliation:: Stakeholder Relations, Novo Nordisk A/S
Country: Denmark
Yvonne Buma

"Launch of knowledge business books, many of which have been truly transforming lives--business and personal."

"The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life had grown together into one tree... Our inner selves must keep pace with our technological advances."

"Live in authentic partnership... no turfs to be viciously guarded... no longer be "us" versus "them."

"Learning to trust a process rather than seeing "immediate" results."

Name: Karen Speerstra
Title: Vice President
Affiliation:: Stakeholder Relations, Novo Nordisk A/S
Country: Denmark
Yvonne Buma

“We must move past both reactive and proactive to interactive via knowledge-mapping.”

“Placing the emphasis on activating people, culture and societal change to maximize the value of the new economy rather than on technology, processes and other tools”

“The knowledge economy must integrate customer, competitor, collaborator and corporate capital to unleash the energy necessary to move undaunted into the unknown.”

“Chart unknown territory (the future) and slay the dragons of ignorance but to do so let go of the known shore (the past).”

Name: Xenia Stanford
Title: President

Affiliation:: Stanford Solutions Inc.
Title: Editor-in-Chief

Affiliation:: KnowMap
Country: Canada
Yvonne Buma

"Adam Smith realized that the factory model would "stupify" people. The Knowledge Era creates opportunities that "smartify" people in exciting and unexpected ways."

"We are just at the beginning of a fifty-year transition."

"Think in terns of ‘verbs’ not ‘nouns'."

"The Knowledge Economy can be a multiplative economy where we can multiply the significance and value of one another’s ideas, inspirations and insight."

Name: Ms. Elisabeth Sundrum
Title: VP and Mentor
Affiliation:: eCultureTeam.com
Country: Germany
Yvonne Buma

“Director of The Global Forum and involved since the beginning with the ‘Club de Rome’, which can be considered as a pioneer of the Knowledge Society.”

“In every circumstance, think with your own values. When we were traveling it happened twice that we lived in countries with civil wars…you have to accomplish your best everyday, the day after you can be dead. Whatever happens in the past, forget and built a new world of peace if possible.”

“Created Amnesty International in France, founded a European Institute at Paris University, developed a company Items International dedicated to Information Technologies, ad recognized as a sculptor.”

“A Knowledge economy should be world-based on intellectual exchanges using as much human talent as possible to bypass the arrogant bureaucratic systems, which are killing both innovation and courage, and become more flexible and accomplish more in collaboration within sophisticated networks.”

Name: Sylviane Toporkoff
Affiliation::President, The Global Forum Associate Partner,ITEMS International Paris, France
Yvonne Buma

“The Future of Innovation initiative is something that amazingly reflects most of the Present realities; these are openness, global collaboration, and diversity. Indeed, ‘open doors’ are not only ‘drivers’ of innovation and its management, but are ‘table manners’ at present. In fact, global collaboration is ‘decencies of mankind’, everybody is welcome, no more developed vs. developing world, we all are the world. Another truth, innovation management is boundless, multidimensional, and everybody looks at it rather variously. Present innovation directs towards ‘open international interface’, and as such most likely E100 evolves into E10000!”

”In this way to the future, my personal research area is the understanding of inertia hindering Russian R&D organisations from expanding globally through technology partnerships – as an emerging technology supplier; or a strategic R&D partner. Russia maintains world-class R&D capabilities, although, cases of global partnerships are rare. Continuing situation contributes to the challenges of exploring the scope of hindrances Russians encounter in international co-operation…but the most impedimenta emerged in the past, in the Soviet era!”

”Past – Present – Future – all are inseparably linked…Understanding the desirable, wishful ‘Future of Innovation’ depicted in the book by nearly 350 contributors from more than 50 countries, edited by Dr Bettina von Stamm and me, is of paramount importance for us, for making the today Present as germane as possible to the tomorrow Future – YOUR and OUR ALL FUTURE!”

Name: Dr. Anna Trifilova
Affiliation::Head of the Management and Marketing Department Nizhny Novgorod Architecture and Civil Engineering State University
Yvonne Buma

"Many varied ways people perceive and understand the world."

"Knowledge therefore, (a) dependent on the individual him/herself, and (b) something very much internal rather than externally determined."

"Trying to understand other people's understanding and the process of this understanding."

"That greater value will be placed on the process rather than the outcome of the knowledge."

Name: Dr. Frances Tsakonas
Affiliation::Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yvonne Buma

With a Future of Innovation initiative, ONE question – simultaneously simple and difficult - was queried to ALL community on a global collaborative scale in innovation management. All was designed as a catalytic launch for further analysis as well as an insight bringing the understanding on the future of innovation highlighted by different people in different countries.’

‘My vision: A deeper understanding and acceptance of the connectedness of everything, actions that are based on that realisation, and resulting from that a level of collaboration that is necessary to address today’s problems.’ ‘Never stop challenging, we jump into action too soon and spend all our energy answering the wrong questions. To find the true question we need to ask ‘why’ a great many times.’

‘Unless we understand connectedness and context first we can never achieve fundamental change. Unless we understand ourselves, our own obstacles to and enables of change, we cannot achieve change in others.’

Name: Dr. Bettina von Stamm
Affiliation: Director & Catalyst Innovation Leadership Forum Norfolk UK
URL:innovationleadershipforum.org, innovationwave.com
Yvonne Buma

“Globalization has shaken up the world of sustainable development – requiring new ways of doing things and sharing these innovations as fast and as far as possible.”

"We have had to learn to innovate, manage, and apply our knowledge collectively on shoestring budgets. It has required wedding the flexibility and speed of communities of practice (involving individuals) to the accountability and clout of formal knowledge networks (of organizations).”

“In collaboration with a team of outstanding young people from around the world, we have developed the Youth Creating Digital Opportunities (YCDO) Coalition and Community to realize the potential of such youth as catalysts for networking young change agents on a global level.”

“A society in which dense networks of relationships empower all people to develop, share and implement ideas and technologies equitably. This society will also provide greater transparency regarding the values embodied in innovations and promote rapid accountability for the outcomes and impacts of new technologies and ideas.”

Name: Terri Willard
Title: Project Manager
Affiliation: :Knowledge Communications, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Country : CANADA
Yvonne Buma

"Music is part and parcel of the delivery of The Message. The affect of music on the mind is profound and, contrary to the notion that music and math are opposites, music and math are overlapping, inter-related and mutually supportive."

"Implemented some of the earliest eGov systems - first 2 prototypes in Kuwait (in 1994-95) as part of UN democratization projects and then the National Institute of Health Commons (in 1997-98)…responsible for the Design, Plan and Implementation of the Iraq Ministry of Defense HR/Payroll system. All of these were 'break-through’ projects for varying reasons"

"Our challenge is the bridge-building between US and Middle East, rebuilding Iraq and reformation of the Arab-Muslim world such that seeking knowledge, innovation and inventiveness as in the Golden Years of Islam can return." "So far investments that profess to be building the Knowledge Economy are really ‘real estate’ management deals starting with Internet City, Media City, Medical City, Knowledge Village and so on - they are primarily Duty Free Zones where foreign companies from east and west can locate their Middle East offices and do business without fundamentally influencing the local economy."

"Whether people feel comfortable acknowledging it or not, religious beliefs permeate everyone's behavior, even for those who are not religious, their culture embodies religious beliefs. The roots of Islam, Mosaic Judaism and Christianity are the same and what appear to be three distinct religions are much more overlapping than is commonly thought."

Name: Dana Winner
Affiliation: USAID/Iraq, Knowledge Management Analyst; International Knowledge Management Institute, Partner - Middle East; IMTAS, International Systems Division, Executive Director
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