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  [E100 Alert] International Women's Day March 8, 2018

Dear E100:
“Rooted in common purpose, fortified by common principles,
nourished by knowledge and each other,
branches independent – yet intertwined,
each leaf and flower unique,
together reaching for the sun.”
– Women’s World Banking website
In a remarkable world, we have exceptional women… Ours is a future to innovate…
In a World Development Report (1999), It was reported: “Information at the speed of light. Instant communication. Satellite services can place information on any spot with the precision of a surgeon’s knife. Our planet is ringed with data that practically circles the globe, binding one continent to another. We have become a global village, where a sneeze in the Tundra can be heard in Antarctica.”
Innovation takes leaders and women are moving at the speed of light. You can find numerous articles and organizations that encourage, recognize and give a voice to women in innovation.
Some highlights are: Forbes magazine, January 31, 2017 article entitled " Women Under 30 Are Leading The Pack In Entrepreneurship And Innovation they highlighted 25 women saying "These conversations are leading to better head counts of young women leading the pack in creativity, invention and entrepreneurship.
The World Bank has a women for innovation group which focuses on how women can contribute to social transformation in a fundamentally important way - what women can do to encourage innovation – and through innovation, bring about higher growth and shared prosperity.
My own inspiration came from our founder of Entovation International, Dr. Debra Mae Amidon - "Innovation is the instrument for world peace" and my wonderful grandmother -Hattie Jo Schneider- "never give up".
Past and present we have women who have influenced and changed the world with their research and innovations - like Madam Marie Curie and Grace Hopper. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is difficult - but…like the trapeze we must let go of the old trapeze completely and, for a moment, cross a space before being able to grab onto the new one---in search of innovation. We will transcend traditional boundaries to accomplish what we and others cannot do alone. Further, we will make more effective use of knowledge innovation as a lever to generate sustainable growth and increased standard of living across our local, regional and global economies.
Let us take pause and reflect - Namaste! Wishing women of the world a glorious, innovative day!

Always in your Network,

Debra Lynne
President and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd.

"Innovating our future...together."

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