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  [E100 Alert] In Memoriam – Debra Amidon

Dr. Debra Amidon
August 13, 2016
Dear E100 Colleagues,

It is with a heavy heart that I need to convey the passing of Dr. Debra Amidon on August 13, 2016Debra was a pioneer in enterprise innovation, knowledge economics, intellectual capital and author/co-author of multiple books, articles and speaking engagements on these subjects.  Entovation International was like her second child - and her daughter Kendra wanted to convey that she was very happy to share her mother with all of you! 


Debra was an avid researcher, collaborator and perfectionist in her work.  I don’t know when she ever slept  - as you know she was on the phone, Skype or the computer crafting her message, sharing and exchanging knowledge and encouraging others to reach higher and deeper into their hearts to broaden the innovation movement.    Most of all she cared deeply about all of you.   She always tried to position the E100 as a dream team.  She wanted most of all for us to collaborate and share with one another our thoughts and ideas, to cheer one another forward into the unknown and was so proud of each every one of your successes and that we would all be better for knowing one another.

You all know her work related accomplishments however, Debra had many talents beyond Entovation.  She was classically trained in Opera and had a beautiful voice! She was a grandmother of three!  She always knew the right thing to say or do when you needed it.   She loved her faith, her family and friends deeply.  Kendra said that watching her relationship with her husband Clint taught her the power and strength of love: "Love doesn't have to make sense and their relationship really did embody selfless patience and kindness."
She never came to my home without a small gift from her heart nor left without dropping a thank you note somewhere to be found with live flowers. The flowers…..yes she loved live flowers..but most important was the Lotus flower - her symbol - it was on her website, her business cards, her dreams and even the Entovation award was a crystal Lotus flower.
When she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago her biggest concern was for her family and friends and keeping Entovation and the E100 network alive.  Entovation will remain a living breathing creative space.  With the Fall Equinox just around the corner, watch for news on the fall harvest bounty and celebration of Entovation to be continued!

 Au Revoir from this world my dearest friend Debra…..we know you are always near…whispering words of encouragement.  I am certain she is conducting Innovation Orchestras in heaven and organizing a knowledge innovation network in the sky.


Debra's daughter-in-law Mary closed her service with Debra's words and thought they should be sent on to you:

"I invite you now to close your eyes, breathe easy, and listen as through you were hearing Debra’s voice one last time. I believe she meant these loving words for you.

"Then would you sing my favorite song? I Have Loved You…"
I have loved you, with an everlasting love, I have loved you, and you are mine.
I have loved you, with an everlasting love, I have loved you, and you are mine."


The link to Debra's obituary and guest book as well as more information:


Always in your Network,


Debra M. Amidon PhD.
Founder and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd.
2 Reading Avenue, Suite 300
Wilmington, MA 01887 USA
T: 978/988-7995
F: 978/863-0124

"Innovating our future...together."

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