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[E100 Alert] – En Route to Dubai: KIZ-in-Motion
Dear E100:

By now, we hope you are thinking in terms of ‘zones of innovation’ – whether it be your company, country, region or virtual community. From the KIZ research, there were several findings; but the most glaring was the fact that most examples were R & D (and NOT innovation) focused. Lots of great ideas; but precious few see the light of day as true innovations.

Years ago I learned about the leather-back turtles in Puerto Rico. My understanding is that the survival rate is disturbing. Of 3,000 eggs laid, only 3 are likely to return to the ocean. Similarly, we have many start-up entrepreneurial firms; but precious few realize goals and reach a prosperous state of maturity. So, let us see if we can increase the odds…together.
Definition: A Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) is a geographic region, product/service/ industry segment or community of practice in which knowledge flows from the point of origin to the point of need or opportunity. In short, focus is on the flow of knowledge, not finances or technology per se.
Let’s talk Prototyping…
Now that we have amassed this body of knowledge by analyzing hundreds of KIZ from 40+ countries, we are ready to launch Phase II of the KIZ Initiative. We’ve prepared a Prospectus for a KIZ Prototyping Arena which you can download and review [CAUTION: It is a large document, so please be patient]. It’s time to put various KIZ in interaction with one another and plan to have a blended strategy of on-the-ground sessions, virtual facilitation and intelligence mining.
What is a Prototyping Arena?
An innovation platform for electronic and face-to-face dialogue to explore the body of knowledge, methodologies and tools that effectively optimize the investment of resources to enhance the performance of existing and new geographic, industry and virtual KIZ worldwide.
Why Prototype?

Operating within a living network of activity with common purpose that links communities and teams across boundaries that can lead to global visibility and opportunities for leadership:

  • Prototypes can be easily changed or discarded….
  • Prototyping improves communication among stakeholders…
  • Prototypes benefiting from collective review yeild more successful results…
  • Prototypes can provide a solid foundation to attract potential funding…
  • Prototypes can be a marketing tool to promote sales or acceptance…
  • Prototypes can serve as a basis for operational specifications…
  • Early visibility of prototypes may help management assess progress and potential…
  • A prototype environment is less vested in a particular design, hence open to change and innovation…
  • Systems produced through prototyping may be easier to learn and use…
  • Prototypes flush out necessary changes early in the process resulting in lower cost of production.
What are we expecting to accomplish?
  • Create awareness of the global body of knowledge (e.g., trends, statistics, ranking, timely reference material, and selected expertise) germane to the development of various forms of knowledge innovation zone – geographic, industry or virtual spaces
  • Provide a two-year dialogue - as a bench-learning exercise - on the relative strengths, merits and risks of alternative human, financial and technical investments.
  • Enable the art of collaborative advantage to participants – offering opportunities to share intelligence, demonstration projects, after-action reviews and more – in the interest of building sustainable investments for future plans.
  • Provide global evidence for (re) positioning the heritage, competence and attractions of a given scope of activity – discovering new positioning opportunities.
  • Explore how to leverage one another in global markets
  • Action research topical areas of common interest for mutual advantage.
  • Create a cross-fertilization of ideas across sectors, regions and industries around the world.
  • View activities and interaction from the perspective of innovation – not only the creation of new ideas or solutions– but the application of these ideas into products and services to benefit a company or a constituency.
  • Create communication between developers and customers, gathering valid program requirements, enabling iterative design and development and increasing constructive stakeholder participation
  • Catalyze a critical mass of practitioner thought-leading on topics fundamental to evolving new standards for the knowledge economy, society and infrastructure. 
We will be discussing this in depth at the ENTOVATION KIZ Briefing on the 31st of March. And we will take the opportunity of the WSIE connections to discover how we might collaborate with other enterprises.
Should you want to play, what might be your role?
  1. Please provide YOUR reactions to the plans for Phase II. Review the Prospectus and let us know how this might benefit you and your own constituency.
  2. The KIZ Map will soon be updated. If you have examples of KIZ that should be featured, let us know.
  3. Suggest candidates for sponsorship. We have been in private negotiations with several companies; but you may have better leads as to ones that might benefit even more.
  4. Our plans are to have at least 7 geographic zones in operation; but we are assessing what might be the ideal location for the base-operandi.
  5. We have been assessing candidates to provide the collaborative technology platform. What should be our Dos and Don’ts? 
And so, if you can join us on March 31st and participate in the WSIE 1-3 April, you are welcome. If not, we still want to tap your expertise.

Imagine the future we CAN innovate…together!

Debra M. Amidon
Founder and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd.
2 Reading Avenue, Suite 300
Wilmington, MA 01887 USA
T: 978/988-7995
F: 978/863-0124

"Innovating our future...together."

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