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“Better overall performance comes when executives, managers and professionals can actively build upon another's competencies, building trusting and dynamic relationships where their creative and innovative ideas flow freely.”

-KIZ Preview 2006

  Dear E100:

Our Network continues to grow in substance and scope...

In the meantime, take the opportunity to welcome 13 new E100 from 9 countries added to our Global Knowledge Leadership Map – now representing 190 from 67 countries! Take a look at their capabilities and aspirations to see how they dovetail with your own.


Richard A. Bendis
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Richard Bendis (USA) is Founder of Innovation America - www.innovationamerica.us. He serves as a Senior Fellow with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and on committees, such as The White House, the National Governor’s Association (NGA), the National Academies (NAS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the Council on Competitiveness.

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Rayanti Binawan (Indonesia), an engineer by trade, was Human Resources Superintendent ARCO Headquarters for a decade. She founded Mitra Tri Atma - www.insight-kp.com - with clients such as Indonesia Power, BP Indonesia, and BPKP (Indonesian's Government Institution for Internal Auditor). She consulted for the Semiconductor Research Corporation in expanding their membership interfacing with European companies like Philips, SGS-Thomson, Siemens and Alcatel.

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Iain Bitran (UK) is Executive Director for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) - www.ispim.org – a worldwide network dedicated to collaboration on the forefront of innovation. He serves on the Board of United Kingdom at TII - The European Association for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation & Industrial Information. He is also the Chief Technology Officer at Enterprizer Technologies Limited.   

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As a leader in technology and innovation, Jim Brazell (USA) delivers timely strategies to address global competitiveness, civil society, educational innovation and workforce talent. Founder of VentureRamp - www.ventureramp.com, his work includes creating video game designs and forecasts for military computer-based training, international technology transfer and commercialization, and authoring emerging technology studies, especially Transdiciplinarity.

Adil Bushnak
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Dr. Adil Bushnak (Saudi Arabia) is chairman of Bushnak Group - www.bushnak.com - for water, environment, energy, education, and communication. In addition to commercializing new technologies for seawater desalination, he was appointed by Saudi government to several official councils and boards promoting decentralization, public-private-partnership, capacity building, localization of technology and innovation. He co-founded Dar Al Hekma for women.


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Rich Hudson (Belgium) is CEO/Editor of Science|Business - www.sciencebusiness.net – a news service on how ideas get from lab to market with R&D management, spin-off investment, licensing deals, and contract research across scientific disciplines and borders. He was managing editor of the Wall Street Journal A graduate of Harvard and former Knight Fellow, he co-authored The (mis)Behavior of Markets: A fractal view of risk, ruin & reward.

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Dr. Jalil Khavandkar (Iran) is the Chancellor of Zanjan Science & Technology Park (ZSTP) with teaching 1st University Physics, Electronic, Telecommunication, 2nd IS and telecom-management interdisciplinary fields and 3rd in KM, Entrepreneurship, Ethical Alliances - being honored of distinguished researcher as ICT in IRAN 1385 Research and Technology Festival. He was the architect of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital Management - www.iicm.ir.


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Man-Sze Li (UK) is Director of IC Focus Ltd, a London-based research and analysis company in ICT. She’s held executive management positions, such as CTO of CommerceWorks and assistant Director at the UK government agency SITPR. She’s helped found 9 Internet start-up companies and been the chair of several European standardization groups. A respected author, she is Co-Chair of the Commission DG INFSO’s Future Internet Enterprise Systems (FInES) Cluster.


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Sergej van Middendorp (The Netherlands) aspires to contribute to the emerging value network form of organizing by invoking the spirit of improvisation, helping people in organizations collaborate in-groove. He founded Miles Ahead - www.milesahead.eu - and jazzinbusiness - www.jazzinbusiness.com; and earlier co-founded the ‘Proof of Value Network’. Now, he is a PhD candidate with Fielding Graduate University, http://businessjazz.blogspot.com


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Tom Moebus (USA) is Vice President for Development for The Levin Institute of the State University of New York (SUNY) - www.levininstitute.org – where he has been instrumental in architecting new programs such as JumpStart NYC and FastTrac. Previously, he served as Director of Corporate Relations at MIT, Vice Chancellor at the University of California, Irvine and Executive Chairman of OCTANe, a Southern California technology development organization.

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Dr. Klaus Plate (Germany) is the Managing Director, Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH - www.technologiepark-heidelberg.de - with a mix of bio, medical, information, communication and environmental technologies. A leader in the International Assembly of Science & Technology Parks (IASP); his park includes more than 80 resident companies nearing 1,300 employees, and 200+ associated members.  He’s is now involved in a major World Trade Center project.


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Dr. Sumita Takayuki (Japan/Belgium) heads the Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment (JMC) - www.jmcti.org - a non-profit organization based in Brussels, under Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and had directed the Information and Communication Electronics Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau. A REITI Consulting Fellow, he was the architect of the Intellectual Capital Café last year in Tokyo.


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Sasha Yakymchuk (Ukraine) is architect of Innovation Breakthrough 2009 - http://www.ukrinnovation.com/ - the 1st high-technology start-up contest to develop business in Ukraine with financing projects of Ukrainian developers, scientists and entrepreneurs. The multi-month initiative yielded 460 projects across 4 regions. He founded the local International Youth Organization (AIESEC) – www.aiesec.org; and contributed to conferences on WTO integration.

    Please join me in welcoming these talented people to the ENTOVATION Network,
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