[E100 Alert] INDUCT Software AS Partnership Announcement - (12 October 2009)

  Dear E100:

Many months in the works; and now it is official!

Alf Martin Johansen, Chairman, INDUCT Software AS  

We’ve worked on a variety of platforms previously, and with some levels of success. For many reasons, none have served as the ‘innovation engine’ our community deserves… until now.

    Executives at Induct are committed to building an ENTOVATION Mesh – one complete with the profiles of the E100, the resource material from the Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) research, and perhaps most significant – the P7 KIZ Methodology gleaned from the analysis of hundreds of examples across 40 nations. It is a start of the dialogue…and for the 1st time, an opportunity to interface with KIZ worldwide on a real-time open innovation system.

Induct Software Press Release


OSLO, NORWAY and BOSTON, MA, USA – October 12, 2009 – Induct Software™ AS (Induct,) “The Open Innovation Company™, and Entovation® International Ltd., today announced at the Oslo Innovation Week Conference, an Agreement to make Entovation’s Knowledge Innovation® process methodology available on Induct’s Web-based Software-as-a-Service innovation management platform.


Under the terms of the Agreement, Entovation founder and CEO Debra M. Amidon will launch an Induct Innovation Community™ loaded with the Entovation Mesh, a collection of the knowledge and experience of over 188 leading practitioners worldwide, collectively known as the “E100.”  The Community will also highlight Entovation’s innovation processes and the resource knowledge gathered from its Knowledge Innovation Zone (KIZ) initiative.  Finally, the Community will serve as an online gathering place for the E100 to collaborate, share information, and innovate together.


An initial goal of the partnership will be to enable the E100 to experience the combined power and   functionality of Entovation’s innovation methodology integrated with the Induct platform.  E100 network members reside in 67 countries.  Each is an expert in specific areas of innovation theory and practice.  The E100 collective experience includes proven methods and tools to structure the dialogue across all functions, initiatives and strategies in an enterprise. As CEO of Entovation, Debra will facilitate the E100 to bring their rich experience set, and the benefits of the Entovation/Induct platform, to businesses and organizations worldwide. 


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The 3rd Annual Oslo Innovation Week



From the Opening Ceremonies with welcome from Mr. Fabian Stang, Mayor of the City of Oslo, through the Innovation Symposium chaired by Mr. Svein Berg, Senior VP of Innovation Norway, the challenge was defined. We need better models to manage industry clusters, technology transfer practices and economic policy for long-term sustainable growth.


The week continued with demonstration projects, venture lab investment forums, entrepreneur competitions, and thematic workshops, including one sponsored by Induct – ‘How to Start the Innovation Engine’ with an opening by Professor Henry Chesbrough, author of the book "Open Innovation”.


All culminated in a City Hall agenda which included Jimmy Wales, founder of WIKIPEDIA, and Debra M. Amidon with a session entitled “The Art of Innovation in Knowledge societies – Why everything changes.


Preview of Induct Software


You may have already caught the feature story of E100 Alf Martin Jorgensen in Finansavisen, the Norway business press, which appears in the Entovation PressRoom.


What is Induct? Induct is the first truly integrated Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that supports custom design, management and measurement of the entire open innovation process. Induct delivers more competitive and consumer-focused products, saves money through process optimization, and enables corporate talent management for better contribution per employee.

    How is Induct Different? Induct has conducted over 250 interviews with small and large companies to determine how they are managing innovation and to understand their needs. The input and knowledge obtained from these interviews, and from discussions with pioneering professors and consultants in the open innovation management field, has been built directly into the Induct system.

Based on this comprehensive market research, Induct is the only true open innovation management system designed to serve two very special groups of users. On the front end, for employees, consumers and other external groups, Induct is intuitive, fun, easy-to-use, and features world-famous clean Scandinavian design elements. On the back end, for innovation consultants and in-house innovation experts, Induct offers a powerful, sophisticated, fully customizable framework that features an elegant “type, click, and save” user interface with no programming required.

    View from an Industry Expert? UC Berkeley Professor Henry Chesbrough is the head of Induct’s Academic Advisory Board. In this role, Dr. Chesbrough works with Induct executives on a wide range of issues including strategic direction, product and market strategy, and furthering the spread of open innovation practices across the business community. Dr. Chesbrough also serves as a liaison between Induct and the open innovation academic community.

Summary: Induct is an open innovation management platform built on a Web 2.0 social networking framework. Induct delivers increased levels of collaboration and information sharing while helping you gather and take advantage of the human capital that your company possesses. By including your employees, customers, and other external constituencies in your innovation process, you will gain access to the best insight and ideas to help your company reach new heights. To do this, Induct provides functionality such as:

  • Web-based tracking system from idea posting stage until final implementation.
  • Detailed analytics, statistics, reports ,and charts for performance and KPI evaluation
  • A system for reward and recognition for contributors.
  • Multi-level access controls and privileges various system functions
  • Fully customizable ranking and evaluation algorithms
  • Fully customizable implementation process, including proxies for legacy processes
  • Complete automated e-mail alert- and notification system
  • Ability to dynamically define any number of innovation types and subtypes
  • Blogs/Forums/Wiki available for increased levels of interaction
  • Ability for the idea owner to upload videos, drawings, or any type of documents

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Plans Forward


You have previously been invited to join me on LinkedIn. Of course, several others have also joined the conversation. This was my attempt to discern interest in experimenting with a new technology platform. The response was heartening. People who had not communicated in years found their way to connect.

    As you might expect, the Global Knowledge Leadership Map is being upgraded. Soon, we will have draft profiles for you to review. Next, the methodology will provide you an opportunity to interface in substance. Further details are forthcoming; but for now join me in welcoming Induct Software top the ENTOVATION community. Imagine – now with a true innovation platform - what we might accomplish…together!
    Always in your Network,
Debra M. Amidon
Founder and CEO
ENTOVATION International Ltd.
2 Reading Avenue, Suite 300
Wilmington, MA 01887 USA
T: 978/988-7995
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E-mail: debra@entovation.com
URL: http://www.entovation.com

"Innovating our future...together."

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