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The one competence needed in the future

is innovation-

 and the ability to measure the performance thereof..

- Dr. Peter Drucker      HBR (1992)


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  Dear E100:

As you already know, we are planning to meet in New York City the 4-5 December, 2009 as a working group on knowledge innovation performance.


As part of our preparation, we have joined with E100 Mary Adams (Intellectual Capital Advisors) and David Wallace (Gamechange LLC) to update and globalize the 2006 IC Survey of Chief Innovation Officers – the new CIO! [Note: Read those results below!]


This is where we need YOUR help! Please take the time to nominate those CIOs in your company or with whom you work. In fact, we are even finding CIOs in academic institutions and government agencies, so please share with us YOUR suggested names so they can be included in this study. So, please offer YOUR nominations – the more, the better!

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Cultivating Innovation:

Lessons from America’s Chief Innovation Officers

2006 Study


What’s in it for YOU?! Those who help submit names and contact details will be invited to participate in the CIO Corner which will be created on the ENTOVATION Mesh being provided on the Induct Software A/S platform. Results will be made on-line for those CIOs who want to explore the results in interaction.


Please read below and become a part of the study! We have much to gain from learning from those applying Intellectual Capital (IC) practices real-time.


Always in your Network,



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    Announcing the 2009 Update…

Building The

Innovation Ecosystem:

An updated survey of Chief Innovation Officers





A collection of best practices and ongoing challenges facing Chief Innovation Officer executives is being developed. The survey will extend results of a similar study from 2006. Our plan is to enable discussion of the results on a technology platform.




  • There has been an explosion of interest worldwide on innovation systems.
  • There is growing recognition of the difference between invention and innovation.
  • Innovation – the process and the measurement thereof – has become a primary goal in all sectors.
  • Most companies and some academic institutions and government agencies have designated a chief staff member responsible for the innovation process of their enterprise.
  • The market has matured to use social media tools in increase interaction

Cultivating Innovation: Lessons from America’s Chief Innovation Officers, was sparked by the emergence of a new CIO - Chief Innovation Officer. Over the previous decade, growing interest from all sides of the global economy in the field of innovation created a widespread phenomenon. Not surprisingly, the popularity fostered a huge diversity of viewpoints and perspectives on the challenges of adapting to the knowledge era. The emergence of the CIO seemed to indicate an important new phase in the adoption of innovation in the mainstream –by putting a top executive in charge of innovation. But what was the measure of success?

  This question sparked Trek Consulting in 2006 to interview as many CIOs as possible. They initially identified 50 and were able to interview 26. The study found that, indeed, almost all were the first person to hold such a position in their company. Most had been promoted from within the organization. There were many differences identified related to the goals and challenges of each organization. However, there was a common challenge in that most were relying on lagging indicators such as increased revenues and lacked leading indicators and management information about innovation drivers (see summary at end of this document).
    In the past three years, management attention on innovation has continued to grow despite a global recession. Innovation will be a critical factor in any company’s ability to move beyond the current economic recession. This seems like the right moment to update the study and continue to harvest the lessons of those on the frontline of theory and practice.
    Trek’s Intellectual Capital Advisors is partnering with Entovation International Ltd. and Gamechange LLC to update and globalize the original study. The intention is to broaden the examination to include CIOs worldwide and deepen the understanding gained in the first study.
    The work is expected to be completed during the third quarter of 2009. Results will be made available for free to participating executives. Those participating Chief Innovation Officers interested in discussing the results and other issues related to their roles will be provided space on a collaborative innovation platform.
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    Trek Consulting recognized an increasing number of Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) executives and the trend of companies making corporate innovation a priority. Instead of projects or new product/service innovation efforts, the range of possibilities – from new markets to business models, processes and platforms – were all managed professionally. In 2006, Trek set out to learn more about the people leading these efforts, and their goals, tools and resources. More than half the North American CIOs contacted for an interview responded and represented a wide range of organizations – public and private, local to multinational, manufacturing to service providers.

Among survey respondents:

·         92 percent of CIOs were the first to hold the position in their company.

·         The average tenure was 2.2 years, with the longest serving in that role for six years.

·         Only two were hired from outside the company, the majority were promoted from within.

·         More than 75 percent held an executive title such as CIO or VP-Innovation.

·         22 percent had a functional title such as Innovation Manager.


Overwhelmingly, the survey showed that:

·         “Idea harvest” was the top priority for CIO executives in 2006.

·         Innovation program mission was the conversion of ideas into revenues.

·         48 percent said their objective was new products and services.


The top challenges identified by the respondents:

·         35 percent said the challenge was getting the right combination of people and skills.

·         30 percent said money (getting ideas funded) was another obstacle.


Although the goals of corporate innovation were most often measurable (units sold, revenues increased, new products introduced), the survey revealed that most CIOs lack a suitable metric for identifying or quantifying the “intangible assets” of innovation, such as knowledge, network and new skills.

·         39 percent needed an innovation process and metric.

·         39 percent had no plan to assess the company’s intellectual capital

    As companies make innovation an integral part of competitive strategy, leaders need yardsticks for intellectual capital and other intangibles. The links between supplier/partner networks, research capacity or other ‘off-balance-sheet’ resources and the success of innovation efforts is not measured or well understood.
    Intellectual Capital Advisors helps our clients foster growth and innovation through implementation of knowledge-era business tools and strategies
    ENTOVATION International Ltd. is a global research and strategy consulting network including professionals across 67 countries who are experts in knowledge innovation strategy.
    Gamechange LLC crafts marketing/communication strategies that deliver clarity, impact and marketplace recognition.


Capital Advisors

    More news about the New York E100 Roundtable and ISPIM plans coming soon!
    Always in your Network,
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