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“We are creating a new economic world order based upon the flow of knowledge, innovation, value-systems, stakeholder success and international collaboration.”   E100 Vision

[E100 Alert] – En route to Dubai: 20 Years of Knowledge Innovation® 

Dear E100:

It was 1987 – long before the knowledge community existed…long before the innovation community realized that the process was a function of knowledge, not technology. One-by-one, people globally developed a new mindset.

“If we can agree that the knowledge base of the United States is our most precious resource, then we can begin to manage it more effectively. This requires a rethinking of how the intellectual capital of each sector – education, government and industry – should be developed and applied to the dual goals of the advancement of science and technology as well as the international competitiveness of our nation.”

The Proceedings of that 1st Roundtable ‘Managing Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century’ have finally been made available on-line thanks to the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. They have also hotlinked the 1989 MIT thesis on ‘Global Innovation Strategy’. These are some of the roots of our profession.

Today, we know that the agenda is international scope and collaborative in substance. Thanks to the writings of the E100, we know there are 3 Laws of Knowledge Dynamics. In the past 20 years – and thanks to the value of collective wisdom:

  • 1st - We have successfully put the focus on Knowledge and Intellectual Capital (IC) – and the measurement thereof;
  • 2nd - We have successfully put the focus on Innovation (redefined!) – and the management thereof; and
  • 3rd - We have successfully put the focus on Collaborative (NOT competitive) Advantage – and the potential thereof.

2007 was a seminal year; and 2008 is already setting an electric pace…

In every corner of the globe, we have witnessed unparalleled innovation with the onset of our Knowledge Economy. Thanks to our KIZ work, we now have a new Triple Knowledge Lens with which we can explore the implications of the Knowledge-based Economy (Commerce and Business), Knowledge–based Society (Communities and Culture) and Knowledge-based Infrastructure (Technology and Environment). We’ve also been tracking other international developments:

  • CHINA has celebrated their 10th year of their Knowledge Innovation Program – the cornerstone of their economic development strategy.
  • INDIA’s Shri. Jainder Singh, IT Secretary to the Government, has initiated their research agenda including Knowledge Innovation.
  • JAPAN, in a presentation to the OECD, has launched their economic development strategy under the rubric of The Innovation SuperHighway, the predecessor of the Knowledge Innovation Zone Initiative.

And this is only the beginning…

As you already know, we have issued the KIZ Preview at the 2006 WSIE in Oman, but considerable progress has since been made. If you have not visited the website recently –, you might want to take a peak. And in terms of the detailed KIZ Briefings, stay tuned…

Sample E100 Activity:

  Abdulla AlSubyani (Saudi Arabia) convened the 1st conference of the Arabian Knowledge Economy Association (AKEA) in Jeddah – “Toward a Knowledge Economy”. We delivered the first course on Knowledge Economics and were joined by other E100 – Leif Edvinsson (Sweden), Charles Savage (Germany), Clint Ackerman (USA) and Mike Crow (Australia).
  Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia) convened Baltics Dynamics 2007 in conjunction with other E100 – Raivo Tamkivi (Estonia) and Pranus Milius (Lithuania). Tõnis Mets (Estonia) brought the Knowledge Economics books. The conference was preceded by an Innovation Circus attracting 10,000 visitors and featuring the children’s book – In Search of Innovation - translated into Latvian. This annual event now heads for Estonia in 2008.
  Raj Datta (India) hosted a workshop – ‘The Innovation SuperHighway: How to manage, Measure and Profit’ – which was sponsored by the Confederation of Indian Industry. This was the 1st time the course was delivered with a Tour of the KIZ World and the P7 KIZ Blueprint: Purpose, Principles, Process, Performance, Policies, Practices and Prosperity through on-going Stakeholder Innovation. 
  F. Javier Carrillo (Mexico) coordinated the 1st Knowledge Cities Summit in Monterrey, Mexico. Several E100 - participated, including Lynne Schneider (USA), Karl Wiig (USA), Edna Pasher (Israel), Leif Edvinsson (Sweden), Alex and David Bennet (USA), Carlos Scheel (Mexico) and Rory Chase (UK) who provided the Most Admired Knowledge Cities (MAKCi) Awards.
  Major Lynne Schneider (USA), now working at the Pentagon, returned from her second tour of duty in Iraq with a Bronze Star for her role in rebuilding Abu Nuwas, the historic district of Baghdad with the concepts of Knowledge Innovation and Knowledge Economics. The Bronze Star Medal is a United States Armed Forces individual military decoration which may be awarded for bravery, acts of merit, or meritorious service.
  David Coleman (USA) released his new co-authored book – Collaboration 2.0 – which takes the mystery out of web transformation and offers practical counsel. My own review indicates: This well-grounded book sets the standard for 21st century collaboration in compelling, consistent and congruent terms.”
  Sylviane Toporkoff (France) coordinates annually the The Global Forum, last year in Venice, Italy and this year headed for Athens, Greece. The theme was Global Convergence 2.0 Integration & Innovation. This networking forum explores the digital convergence of platforms and channels to develop a genuine multimedia and knowledge society. Other E100 involved include Eunika Mercier-Laurent (France).
  Ikujiro Nonaka (Japan) keynoted the International Symposium and Intellectual Café sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the OECD in Tokyo. His new research focus is ‘Distributed Phronesis’ (Practical Wisdom). Joining me on the program was E100 Leif Edvinsson (Sweden).

Bryan Davis (Canada) launched his new study – ‘Harnessing Knowledge Market Innovations for Business Advantage’. He is doing this together with E100 Joel Alleyne (Canada) and ENTOVATION International Ltd. This is a seminal consortium exploring the shift from information transaction into the emerging world of knowledge markets.


  These are just a few of the major events with which I have been connected. Now we have 160 people from 60 nations featured on the Global Knowledge Leadership Map. Imagine the collective impact on the Knowledge Innovation agenda worldwide.

  And now, we’re headed for Dubai in the United Arab Emirates…

  Sam Hamdan (USA/Lebanon) has arranged a spectacular series of events aligned with the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WSIE) in Dubai 1-3 April. The speaker roster alone is worth the price of admission; but his other plans for ‘Innovivor Live’, the ‘Innovation for Peace’ initiative, an Innovation Festival and a series of World Summit Innovation Awards set the stage for a memorable and meaningful experience. Take a Look at the supporting organizations, including ENTOVATION.

Let me know your plans and how we might be able to help…


P.S. My own most recent contribution is an article published in a special edition of Effective Executive - ‘Collaborative Advantage’ - published by the Institute of Certified Financial Accountants of India (ICFAI).


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