Sheridan Tatsuno

Name: Sheridan Tatsuno

Title: Principal

Affiliation: DreamScape Global

Country: USA

“Fascinated by the way Japanese companies built upon their local technologies and cultural traditions and melded them with new technologies from abroad to develop totally new types of technologies. As a venture accelerator working with hundreds of high-tech companies, helped a half dozen startups raise $10 million in seed funding.”
“Media has the power to provide vision and change people's thinking and perceptions about the world -- both positively and negatively.”
“Eventually, I would like to see the fusion of knowledge (the past) with creativity and innovation (the future), which can enable people to solve problems and, more importantly, imagine desirable futures.”
“Knowledge is the bedrock of civilization; it is the strata layers upon which we build our future. Society loses when people lose their passions and drive. We need more people who are dedicated to realizing their dreams.”

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