Dr. Robert Logan

Name: Dr. Robert Logan

Affiliation: Dept. of Physics, University of Toronto

Country: CANADA  

URL: collaborationassociates.com

“Academic cross-appointment with the Department of Physics and the Graduate Department of Education…Influenced by gurus in the field of communications and futures studies of social systems.”

"Organization and individuals must be competitive to collaborate and at the same time they must collaborate to compete."

“What made humans different from nonhuman animals from which we evolved is that we developed the capability to cooperate with each other at the family level and sometimes at the community level. What is need is to bring that spirit of altruism that exists among family members into our economic organizations.”

“The Technology Paradox: The more complex and sophisticated the technology, the more important are the human behavioral issues of attitude, cooperation and motivation, as well as the training, education and learning of all members of the organization. The soft issues are the hard problems.”

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