Ross Dawson

Name: Ross Dawson

Title: CEO

Affiliation: Advanced Human Technologies


“With a background in physics, computing, stockbrokerage, journalism, psychology, and the information business, the nascent field of knowledge management best captured the scope of my interests and drive.”

“What leading businesspeople understand today--that collaboration, transparency, networks, and sharing value are imperatives for business success--needs to become the core mindset in all industries and countries.”

“Six degrees of separation are rapidly shrinking, bringing us far closer together. In an intensely networked and connected world, we will be able to collaborate across domains, companies, and industries. Face-to-face meetings will not diminish, but in addition we will have very rich digital interactions, transcending all boundaries.”

“What matters in networks is not connecting yourself with others, but bringing other people together, seeing where complementary skills and resources should be connected.”

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