David Coleman

Name: David Coleman

Title: Managing Director

Affiliation: Collaborative Strategies LLC

Country: USA

URL:  http://www.collaborate.com


“Collaboration is the ability of two or more people to share complex information over time and space on an ongoing basis for a common goal. Collaboration is not intuitive, and is usually an unnatural act. Technology only solves about 20% of the problem, the other 80% deals with people and process.

“Companies will be drawn into an awareness of their intellectual capital as they start to get involved in value networks with their customers, suppliers, etc. The knowledge economy will be part of developing and interlocking value networks.”

“Most vendors of collaboration or KM tools are great at building technology and very poor about expressing how that technology can be of benefit to an end-user. The better the broadcast (information) fits into the receivers context, the faster the receiver can process it and turn it into knowledge (act upon it).”

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