Verna Allee

Name: Verna Allee

Affiliation: Verna Allee Associates

Country: USA


“No significant change can happen without first having a shift of mind – by starting to think differently…a combination interest in complex systems and collective intelligence.”

“This is a radically different view of business – one that is much more focused on developing strategic capability than are traditional business analysis and management practices. How is value really created and what might happen if we treated human competence, relationships, and informal structures as real assets?”

“We have made good progress in technology and collaborative tools. People are beginning to master the social innovation of knowledge networks and communities of practice. But there is still a very big gap in reconciling our business models to the new thinking.”

“Groups of people with a passion for social and environmental good are finding each other, accelerating knowledge sharing through the Internet, and coming together in global and local network organizations that are working for positive change for society.”

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