Name : Salim T. S. Al-Hassani
Affilate : Emeritus Professor University of Manchester, UK
President. Foundation for Science, Technology & Civilisation
Country : Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
“Innovating how we see the past leads us to a more open attitude in the present, through which we co-create a better future for all”... 'Be the Future' (BtF)  
“Most STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) only refer to European and Western scientists and inventors. Consequently, there is a gap of 1000 years [gap represented the science and invention of the Indian, Chinese and Muslim cultures during 700-1700 CE], usually embracing the Dark Ages, Medieval and Middle ages. By looking at history through the lens of science, as against the lens of politics or religion, we see inter-cultural respect and appreciation.'”  
“To-date, we have a successful small, non-profit company, with subsidiaries including, Curriculum Enrichment initiative, a block buster touring exhibition, award winning film, a fast selling book, huge presence in internet space and social media.”  
“We could do with a society that embraces social cohesion and inter-cultural respect through balanced and tenable knowledge which engenders positive attitudes to enable people of diverse backgrounds co-create a shared peaceful future.”