Robert Huggins

Name: Dr. Robert Huggins
Centre for International Competitiveness

Affilate: Professor Director, Centre for International Competitiveness Cardiff School of Management University of Wales Institute.

Country: Wales, UK.



"With roots in networks and clusters, the focus is on learning and practising the art of social science research and how research can shape the actions of others (e.g., the World Knowledge Competitiveness Index)."

"Economic theory is continually being re-written as the value of the intangible increases. Such intangibility creates new challenges (and opportunities) for those of us seeking to understand rapidly evolving economic and social environments."

"The knowledge economy becomes a means for creating a more equitable and sustainable world. We now need a coherent understanding and visualisation of how prosperity arises and can be sustained within an increasingly knowledge-based global economy"

"Open mindedness and a willingness to learn from other disciplines and sectors of activity is the only way to gain a true understanding of how knowledge is created, innovation is undertaken, and wealth is generated."

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