Name : Robert Bell
Affilate : Co-Founder
Intelligent Community Forum
Country : New York, NY USA
“Knowledge work is creating most of the economic value in the 21st Century economy. The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) studies how communities create local knowledge economies on a foundation of information and communications technology investment.”  
“Building the global movement among Intelligent Communities on a grassroots level has been a major challenge. We determined early on not to allow any single technology company to become a dominant underwriter of our work, which has limited the resources available to us but also protected our credibility as a neutral advisor.”  
“Since 1999, we have named more than 100 cities and regions around the world as Intelligent Communities, published books and white papers based on the information they have shared with us, presented annual Awards to the leaders among them, and created a permanent association of Intelligent Communities to carry on our work. In the process, as one Intelligent Community leader put it, we have built ‘a network with attitude.'”  
“We are still in the adolescent stages of the information and communications technology revolution. It is making everything we do faster, cheaper and better at a pace never before seen. The future of the knowledge economy will be in creating tools to allow people to access and manage the flood of information in a way that makes them more effective.”