Name: Dr. Robert D. Atkinson
Founder and President

Affiliation: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
Washington, DC


Country: United States of America


“The federal government should create a national broadband strategy, create incentives and support efforts to boost broadband demand in order to increase broadband access… Leadership matters….I ncentives matter…. Competition matters…. Demand-side policies matter…It's high speed networks, stupid..”

”In order to succeed in the new global economy, states (within the United States) can no longer rely on a strategy of relentlessly driving down costs and providing large incentives to attract locationally mobile branch plants or offices. Rather, these states must create an environment that fosters innovation and high skills in order to help fast growing entrepreneurial firms and innovative existing firms expand.”

“Nations that invest in ICT to transform fields like transportation and energy reap substantial long-term economic and social benefits. This report shows that these investments also have a short-term impact by producing the jobs and economic growth needed to get out of the current recession.”

“America needs new policies that recognize the central role that advanced technologies play in spurring growth – ‘innovation economics.’ Innovation is what is driving growth; and there are policies one could employ to support innovation (e.g., tax incentives and more spending to spur research and development, generate new patents and turn out more science and engineering graduates.”

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