Mary Adams

Name: Mary Adams, CMC

Affilate: President
I-Capital Advisors/
Trek Consulting LL Winchester,

Country: MA, USA.



"With roots in high-risk lending and the banking industry, it is clear that we need new information paradigms to explain the operations of our companies."

"Colleagues at Intellectual Capital Sweden have 10+ experience helping companies assess and manage their intellectual capital. Until recently, there was not much interest or understanding of the concepts of intellectual capital in the U.S. The current downturn is making the shortcomings of the current system more obvious."

"Management information and accounting still have a long way to go. One of the biggest gaps in most managers’ inability to ‘see’ their knowledge assets as a system—that it is not just about what’s in people’s heads, in KM systems, in processes, in IP, in networks—it is about all of it together."

"The potential of the knowledge economy is we can change almost everything—how we produce goods, how we use energy, how we produce food, how we build knowledge. The most important vision is a shorter-term: how can we help companies to develop and leverage knowledge in a way that creates jobs and creates sustainable communities."

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