Name: Kim Chandler McDonald

Affiliation: Executive Vice President, Flat World Navigator, KimmiC


Country:Sydney NSW 2042 Australia

"Innovation and innovators drive both cultural and economic change, and are critical to us as individuals, economies, and society as a whole. The most resonant and recurring themes throughout the interviews for my book -
!nnovation: How World-Class Innovators Rock Their Role - is that it is through collaboration and the cross fertilization of ideas and knowledge, often between individuals from varied of backgrounds and disciplines, great leaps in innovation can occur."

"Challenges are like gifts - if overcome, the bounty they present - in the life lessons learned - are invaluable."

"The natural evolution of skilled networkers,
Flat World Navigators gather interested and interesting individuals together - generally to discuss and work on a common goal or theme. Working in the new Global Digital Economy (the GDE) they combine and leverage both traditional and web based networks (e.g., Cloud Computing, Social Media, Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web) to reach out, communicate and collaborate globally."

"The cornerstone to collaboration is the ability to share knowledge securely, seamlessly, easily, inexpensively and vendor neutrally…the fundamental need for a fabric - or glue if you will - of interaction which enables simple, secure, multilingual collaboration."

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