Name: Jim Brazell

Affiliation: President
Ventureramp Inc.


Country: San Antonio, TX, USA


“We need a national and global agenda that will focus community and education innovation on empowering children to solve the big problems of the day. Innovation is about more than education, employment and economic development—it is a function of creative enterprise that results in real world solutions from the bottom up.”

“Mentors have influenced my ability to connect theory and action (praxis) and enabled me to see that there is a lot of work needed to bridge the left and the right politically.”

“In the world of education, there is a fractionalization among the house of academia, the house of vocational education and the house of the arts. U.S. government and industry have created an imperative for the U.S. is to increase its science, technology, engineering and mathematics capacity and the capacity for innovation. On the surface and in substance, this is an argument for transdisciplinary systems.”

“Just because one thing happens after another does not mean the first event was a cause of the second event. Technology is human thinking. There is no such thing as failure only feedback. Every person makes the best decision available to himself/herself at that particular point in time. You can trust people to be who they are.”

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