Name: Dr. Jalil Khavandkar

Affiliation: University Professor and Director
Of Zanjan Science and Technology Park


Country: Zanjan, IRAN


“We still need to implement an intercultural knowledge sharing system as an ethical sphere. Across to this, assessment of the Intellectual Capital (IC) potential of each culture, to determine shares of each culture is very important.”

“All of them - enterprises, resources, media, technologies, interfaces and especially competitive advantages – are knowledge intensive and knowledge based. We can add to this series "life style". It seems the amount of other resources should be fixed. But knowledge is a resource that varies the value of organizations.”

“We have an intercultural knowledge sharing, in-depth and local studies about intellectual capital, in-depth and development studies in third world; especially in Middle East, in-depth studies about techno parks and techno centers – all to be shared with others.”

“Among these past 40 years, not only I have studied in such field, but also I have lived in this field, both in theory and experimental eras. Now, I am focused on Intellectual Capital and I think this story is open, and more will happen in the future.”

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