Name: Dr. H.E. Hazim El-Naser

Title: Former Minister of Water and Irrigation and Minister of Agriculture of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Affiliation: Currently Private Sector Consultant and Team Leader

Country:  Fuheis, Jordan




Knowledge and creativity are the main requirements towards development and the well being of people. The key to development lies within the mobilization of knowledge and the effective transfer of information and technologies within individuals and their surroundings. Knowledge is a tool to experimentation and a challenge to ones abilities and capabilities.”

“The greatest challenged I faced was to providing clean drinking water for Jordanians during my last post as Minister of Water and Irrigation in a country classified as the 3rd most scarce country in the world in water resources.”

‘Initiated main policy frameworks, action plans and investment programs for the water, wastewater, irrigation and agriculture sectors…formed a master plan for tourism development on the Eastern shore of the Dead Sea…implemented and supervised some of the major needed infrastructure projects in Jordan including treatment plants, dams and new agriculture technologies and methods of best practise.”

“Much more is still needed to be done. The world is still facing hunger, unemployment, poverty and many are dying on daily basis due to the spread of diseases, conflicts and wars. It is our duty as leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to gather our efforts and knowledge towards the development of our nations and regions especially in the developing countries.”

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