Robert Huggins

Name:Dr. Soumitra Dutta
Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean and Professor of Management
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Affilate: Cornell University

Country: Ithaca, New York, USA


"Social networking sites are a global phenomenon. Sites like MySpace and Facebook now boast hundreds of millions of members and online social interaction has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.”

"With record coverage of 134 economies worldwide, the Global Information and Technology Report remains the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative international assessment of the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations."

"eLab is INSEAD’s center of excellence for thought leadership, community outreach and value creation in the knowledge economy. eLab aims to accelerate its effort to apply its growing expertise to the digital and knowledge economy landscapes in emerging regions, particularly the Asia Pacific and the Middle East."

"In the new book – Innovating at the Top – we interviewed a diverse group of CEO’s from different industries and different industries. CEO’s view innovation as a core part of their responsibility portfolio – not just in a technical sense. Innovation can be embedded in the culture of the organization. People are inherently innovative by nature; but in some economies systems and climates, some kinds of behaviors are less encouraged and that impacts the level of innovation."

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