Name: David Wortley            

Title: Project Manager

Affiliation: NTI Creative Industries Centre for Knowledge Exchange De Montfort University

Country: UK



“Originally a member of the Knowledge Ecology Network - a worldwide virtual network of people passionate about creating a sustainable knowledge Ecology.”

“I would like to see a knowledge revolution that mirrors the impact of the industrial revolution in which communities become identified with the core knowledge and skills of local people with a far greater understanding and awareness of the value of knowledge and of the benefits of sharing that knowledge in a true spirit of partnership and collaboration.”

“Convenes a variety of global seminars in a virtual classroom utilizing progressive technologies, radio and other media on topics of timely interest, such as visualization and sustainability.”

“Enlightened self-interest means that your own interests are ultimately best served by helping to develop and benefit others before oneself.”


For further information on advice or consulting, please contact Dr. Clint Ackerman.