Carol Kinsey Goman

Name: Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD
Title: President, Kinsey Consulting Services

Country: USA


"The 'compact' (the psychological contract) between U.S. employers and employees fell apart: People who thought they had joined one organization for life, who had bled company colors, moved their families around the world, and had played by the rules, suddenly discovered that the rules had changed."

"Leadership needs to be more collaborative, how to build employee engagement and the human side of knowledge management -- why people don't tell what they know and how to overcome these obstacles. Knowledge can only be volunteered; leaders can't force people to collaborate."

"Knowledge sharing is more than the technology that supports it, more than a business strategy aimed at optimizing a company's experience and expertise, and even more than a cultural shift from the industrial to the information age. Knowledge sharing is, first and foremost, about people."

"High turnover, mass layoffs and early retirements make it extremely challenging to develop the mutual trust necessary to build strong relationships throughout the organization. Technology can facilitate knowledge sharing but it is trust that enables it. The real power of knowledge economy offers tremendous opportunity for all of us to exert influence within our spheres of influence."

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