The ENTOVATION Advantage
The ENTOVATION Network was founded 10 years ago with the intent to build the Knowledge Innovation® capability of organizations worldwide. Our charter is broad: The success of an Enterprise (profit and not-for-profit), the vitality of the economy of a Nation and the advancement of Society. Our capabilities range from short-term interventions and executive coaching to strategic initiatives for pre-competitive research.

The theorists and practitioners in the Entovation Network are the finest – particularly the ENTOVATION 100+ from 50 countries featured on our Global Knowledge Leadership Map. Each is an acknowledged leader in one or more dimensions of innovation strategy. They operate within spheres of influence and expertise: intellectual capital measurement, business strategy, international policy analysis, knowledge management, learning organizations, forms of collaborative computer and communications technologies and more. 

There are tangible advantages to using Entovation's Network as a response to any client specification or tender rather than a specific consulting firm offering their proprietary, one-size-fits-all methodology:

  • The Entovation Network has unique roots in the knowledge profession beginning with the first national conference in the world on ‘Managing the Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century’ (1987). The second Roundtable was convened (2002) recently in New York – “Building Sustainable Collaborative Advantage.” This collective wisdom is core to our competency.
  • The Entovation Network has working expertise in every function, most industrial sectors and government organizations in developing and developed countries. Advisors and consultants on our teams can be drawn from countries on every continent except Antarctica!
  • The Entovation Network is comprised of industry, government and academic leaders in the knowledge and innovation communities – most have authored articles and books, compiled research reports, and successfully developed accounting and economic indicators. They have served in a variety of influential positions in government, academia and industry.
  • The collective client customer base of the Entovation Network rivals the largest reputable consulting firms.
  • The Entovation Network has articulated their vision of a new economic world order based upon knowledge, innovation, stakeholder success and international collaboration. Their skills, techniques and best practices are embedded in the success of their clients.
  • The Entovation Network operates as a holonomy – a nesting of networks where each participant enjoys a sphere of influence with the ability to tap into knowledge sources in virtually every discipline and organizational structure.
  • The Entovation Network is comprised of individuals who are expert at competition and collaboration – building the capacity to implement the necessary networked organization systems fundamental to ensure the success of a constituency.

The Entovation Network is the working example of The Innovation SuperHighway – which will chart a route for clients who want and need to harness their intellectual capital for sustainable future prosperity. We work with your leaders and enable their success. There is an inherent collective wisdom within the ENTOVATION 100 able to support virtually any enterprise in the world. As a research think tank, ENTOVATION can provide a better grasp of the future than many other research, technology and consulting firms.
Given today's environment complexity, magnitude of proposed projects and business strategies, it is unwise to lock into a cookie-cutter methodology. Rather, the E100 – and the select individuals creating The Entovation Advantage are offered as the primary team for a project.  They are familiar with an array of techniques and strategies for optimal flexibility and relevance to the client project. Thus, our clients have the opportunity to tap into our Network of worldwide expertise to provide insight from the most highly respected and specialized knowledge experts and practitioners.
ENTOVATION Network experts operate with approaches based on a rigorous knowledge content framework, proven methodologies and analysis of knowledge flows in different value systems. Offerings provide a pragmatic mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques designed to gain deep insights into the challenges facing modern management in developing successful knowledge-intensive enterprises.
Our approach addresses your challenge from multiple perspectives in innovative ways - clusters, value systems, knowledge networking, and knowledge commercialization. A sound strategic understanding of knowledge economy issues provides the ability to move beyond a particular task into making a difference on the ground. We can leverage your distinctive competencies worldwide.
Innovating – putting knowledge to work – is what we do best. We understand the rate of knowledge creation is accelerating. True strategic advantage emerges from learning faster and putting your new knowledge into goods and services more quickly and effectively than the competition. Future sustainability – as enterprises, nations and society – depends upon how effectively we innovate our future. We learn from one another; and we put those insights into practice efficiently and systematically.
Let us put our collective competence to work for you…The ENTOVATION Advantage!