Entovation International
Trends In The Knowledge Economy

As part of our analysis work for the Knowledge Kaleidoscope, we have identified 30 established and emerging trends in the knowledge economy and knowledge-intensive businesses (that's over 90 per cent of all large businesses). Here's a taster of five of them:

  1. Shift of focus from knowledge management to Knowledge Innovation - simply sharing existing knowledge e.g. best practice, is not as potentially rewarding as innovation -creating, converting and applying new knowledge.
  2. Growing pressure for intangibles reporting and governance - why boards of directors should take governing 'soft' assets seriously.
  3. Knowledge filtered by experts to knowledge filtered by interested parties - new decanters for knowledge, new knowledge recipes; how to tackle the analysis gap.
  4. International to Interlocal perspective - how the Internet is creating new opportunities from emerging changes in the ecology of local communities.
  5. Additive measurement to combinatorial measurement - how the old rules of counting assets break down for knowledge products. New mathematics and methods are needed to measure intellectual value.

These are glimpses of the ongoing analysis work that will make Knowledge Kaleidoscope more than simply a newsletter, but a well structured and insightful analysis of key developments that affect every supplier, user and policy maker. Our association with Trend Monitor International will ensure that the key factors for success in the knowledge economy are continuously tracked through a rigorous content analysis approach, while we and ENTOVATION International draw out additional insights and the management implications.


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Reprinted from I3 Update - 14 and Special Edition 12/97.