Entovation International
'Tour de Knowledge Monde' heard round the globe

Debra M. Amidon

What began in January, 1999, as an opportunity to feature insights from a diagonal slice of experts in the ENTOVATION Network in the Global Knowledge Leadership Map (http/:www.entovation.com/kleadmap/) has become a unique medium to deliver the scope and potential momentum of the knowledge movement. In fact, the Map has been updated to now include about 70 people from about 40 countries with new ones being added quarterly.

The first global knowledge concert has begun to travel the world.

Accompanied live with the international concert pianist - Silvard Kool (http://www.silvard.com), we have provided musical knowledge messages in presentations for the Annual Meeting of the IC2 Institute Fellows, Lyndon B. Johnson Library, in Austin, Texas (USA), the Annual Awards Night for the Manitoba Quality Council in Winnipeg (CANADA) and next week will travel to the Skandia Futures Center (Vaxholm, SWEDEN) where the performance will be videotaped and made available worldwide through a guild (http://www.icuniverse.com) in a new knowledge trading system.

The music of Silvard has already been featured in other Amido in France, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany. The analysis of the ENTOVATION 100 survey results will soon be reported in an upcoming issue of I3 Update/ENTOVATION News. This represents a cross-section of people who are already in the knowledge field. Thanks to a grant from Siemens Corporation (Munich, GERMANY), the same classification schema will be used on the 1111 student papers from the Cologne Kongress representing 85 countries This analysis being compiled by Trend Monitor International as a major research project of ENTOVATION and will provide a foundation for the Banff Global Knowledge Innovation Project (http://www.entovation.com/gkii/). Stay tuned for insights into the 'Millennium Knowledge Generation'...

(Editor's Note: I recommend Silvard's CD 'Picture of Time' - very relaxing)


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Reprinted from I3 Update - 18.