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Debra M. Amidon, ENTOVATION International

"We did not inherit this world from our parents,
we have borrowed it from our children"

- Jan R. Carendi, CEO of AFS, Skandia

The paint was not yet dry as I made my own visit to Skandia in August, 1996. When I first met Leif Edvinsson, I told him, "I know that the word thinks you are a Chief Knowledge Officer, but you are not. You are a Chief Innovation Officer." He agreed and invited me to Sweden for the Knowledge Innovation assessment. The intensive research workshop was held in a newly renovated facility aside the harbor - the place to go where people can "get some inspiration or ideas to implement...place where people meet and act." The result was the Supplement to the Skandia Annual Report - 'Power of Innovation.'

Now there is a new publication produced by Skandia Future Centers authored by Ingrid Tidhult (email: tiding@spray.se), the Centre cultivator in Vaxholm, Sweden. This knowledge publication is unique. "Memories from the Future" is an extraordinary exploration of the roots of the IC movement based in a facility that has entertained thousands of visitors in pursuit of viable knowledge strategies - as companies, government agencies, nations in transition. Ingrid begins with her own words of a guided tour: "The world is changing - we are leaving the industrial world behind. We can work anywhere, in the car, at home, etc - but what we really need is a meeting place, like this, where we can share our thoughts, ideas and experiences. And above all - knowledge. Knowledge is the only thing that is multiplied when shared." Through a magical compilation of her own diary entries and photographs of the Center - people who have visited and influenced (and no doubt been influenced by) the Skandia Future Center, Ingrid captures the imagination, intuition and innovation that has been the hallmark of the IC movement through topics such as:

Shaping the Future as an Asset
Digital Saloon Cultivator
Visualizing Intellectual Capital in Skandia
Knowledge Cafe
IC the Future

In May, I returned to the Center for the Knowledge Concert that was webcast live on the internet with Silvard, the international concert pianist. It was wonderful to see the place - now expanded to multiple buildings - humming with activity - students performing research, staff energized with new projects, modern stand-up computers equipped with the latest Internet connection technology, pottery exhibition of a local artist...and more.

There are plans now for several Centers in different locations around the world. And as if the foundation established with the Centers is not enough, Ingrid ends her 'story' describing plans to collaborate with the new owners of the Vaxholm Castle - so visitors will have "a journey into the ancient past, followed by a knowledge safari into the future." I wonder what their imagination will do to convert fortress-like quality of the castle into the flexible, inspiring and creative environment that nourishes ideas and innovation.

Stay tuned...

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